Your elopement isn’t a transaction.

To me, this isn’t Just a photography experience.
It’s a human one.

And you don’t just want some person to capture your elopement, you’re looking for the right person.

Some of The best moments in life happen when you’re connected to those around you…

…and that includes your elopement photographer.

Wouldn’t it be bitchin’ if your elopement experience went from, “they were professional, had resources and took great images” to experiencing your day with someone who also:

“…allowed us to be spontaneous and adventurous in ways we are rarely able to be in our daily lives

“…is someone who guided us through the process and who became part of the family.”

“…we knew we could trust with our plan. Our calls always helped us refocus and get clarity.”

rewarding and wonderful things in life happen when you step just outside your comfort zone.

when you think of your elopement as an adventure first, you realize you can…

Travel to a bucket list destination

Travel by dog sled

Go on a horseback ride

Go on a helicopter ride

Hike to catch sunrise

Ride in a hot air balloon

Sea kayak


Chase the Aurora Borealis

Go stargazing


Absolutely not! In fact, over half of couples who reach out specifically want me and Rachel to help guide them to the perfect location/date when we dive in and brainstorm! Your adventure elopement photographer is also often your adventure guide 😉

Based on the location of your elopement, any collections I send you will have my travel included unless it’s a unique situation.

You must have scrolled right past it! There’s a button a few swipes up, but you can also click here for starting pricing.

Good question! Consider me your “planning guide/consultant”. I know the permits you need, top locations, the marriage license details, and have top vendor recommendations I can refer to you. All you have to do is make a quick call and tell the vendor what you’d like and pay them, taking the guesswork out of whether they’re reliable or professional. I’ll send you all the permitting info you’ll need so all you have to do is fill it out and send it in. I can even recommend top eats and places to stay!

That’s a good question! Some dates are reserved for personal adventures, but most of my schedule revolves around couples and when their elopements are. So in reality, the sooner you book, the more likely your date is available! See Updated Travel Dates Here.

That we are not! While not always true, I’ve found in that trying to do both photography and videography, one (or both) medium often suffers. I want to make sure you have next-level images, as opposed to just “okay” images and video on professional gear. The only video we do is an optional add-on of a TikTok video capture via phone.

“It almost seems secondary to everything else she did for us, but my gosh, the images! We cried seeing our highlight slides and album draft for the first time!

We felt calm, joyful & at peace with Sam & the experience she helped create.”

I’m giving away a free copy of “Elope Your Life”

As a thank you to couples like the ones I get to adventure with, here is a free copy of my book that’s helped get couples hyped for an intentional adventure.

This book is full of inspiration, beautiful stories, and ACTIONABLE items to guide you to the inspirational day that’s already inside you.

*BONUS* – You’ll also receive a copy of my elopement planning and packing checklist!


From Glacier National Park to the Scottish Highlands, to the varied landscapes of Oregon and Alaska, your dream is possible.

Breathtaking Northern Lights Elopement that will make you speechless

Romantic Redwoods Horseback and Oregon Coast Elopement

Isle of Skye Scotland elopement photographer

Our Own Isle of Skye Scotland Elopement Vow Renewal


And are you ready to create an elopement day that no one that knows you could possibly replicate?*

*I mean, I can’t guarantee they won’t be so envious that they might try


I’ll be in touch shortly with more info and some times we can hop on a call!


We’ll get to know each other, brainstorm, answer questions, go over full pricing, and more. It’ll be on Zoom, but no need to wear pants if that harshes your vibe.


After we discover what your best day yet looks like, you’ll choose a collection based on what you want covered and we’ll start scheming 😏