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I count myself pretty damn lucky to know my couples. Scroll down for a slideshow of testimonial videos from past couples about “Elope Your Life” and their elopement experience. Below that are even more written kind words.


Carina & Ian, Utah

Love from Adventurers…

Sam is truly one of the most talented photographers and incredible humans. We are so lucky she was able to help us capture our special day! We felt like we knew Sam for months before we even met, because of how intentional she is about getting to know her couples and building a relationship with them. She helped us plan the timeline and even provide some vendor recommendations, never cast an ounce of judgement about our unconventional plans (instead encouraged them!). She was basically a photographer, and elopement planner in one, and brought so much knowledge and value to the table all-around.

As a bonus we got to meet her awesome husband Brian and pups who made our special day even more exciting! She got us back sneak peek photos within a few days, and if our final selection ends up looking even remotely like these first few shots, we are going to be even more blown away than we already are. Hire her!!!! (Goes without saying but photos accompanying this review were taken by Sam herself).

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Love from Adventurers…

We knew Sam had to be our girl after the first consult call! She understood exactly what kind of experience we were looking for and was genuinely excited to start making it happen. We’re naturally shy, but Sam really knew how to get us feeling comfortable in front of the camera (on Zoom calls and on our big day!)….

…Our elopement was perfect! We decided to leave everything and everyone behind and travel to the other side of the country and I’m so glad we did. It was just us and Sam and that allowed us to be spontaneous and adventurous in ways we are rarely able to be in our daily lives….. We got so many photos in so many locations and “Ranger Sam” made sure we were safe, environmentally conscious, and giggling like fools the whole time! It was such a fun, exhilarating day that felt true to us and completely free from compromise.

If you’re looking for someone who feels professional and knowledgeable but also somehow like an instant friend you can tell anything to without judgment – that’s Sam!… I don’t think anyone else could have helped us pull off such a bucket-list experience. We are going to cherish this trip and these memories for the rest of our lives and we can’t thank her enough!

… She also takes really incredible pictures. Did we mention that???

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Savanah & Tyler, Alaska

Jessie & Fern, Redwoods

Love from Adventurers…

Whoever is reading this, ELOPE and book Sam!!….

We had been told that your photographer should be someone you’d want to hang out with, someone you’d want to go get a drink with. This is something we knew we did not want to compromise on, and it’s exactly what we found in Sam. Sam’s process starts way before the elopement day. Your first call is just a time to get to know each other, to see if it’s a good fit, and we’re sure you will come away from that call just as we did- feeling like we’d been chatting with an old friend rather than someone we just met. That’s her magic, y’all….

If you’re skipping through our very long write-up, it’s time to focus!

Sam has such an intimate knowledge of the area that is SO special & important & it really showed. Sam has photographed numerous weddings in the redwoods, but they all look different and unique. That is because her lens reflects her nature, Sam truly sees every couple for what makes them special. She spends so much time going above the call of duty, getting to know you, what you want out of your photos, and what will make your day special – then she goes a step further and actually works with you to curate your day location by location. Again, she’s magical.

….For our post ceremony photos we had picked a beautiful cliff on the coast overlooking the water, but when we arrived, the same fog that made out first photos magical, made this place dreary with no view other than a solid wall of grey. We thought we were done for the day, but Sam simply said, “I think I know a spot just a few minutes down the road that won’t have this”. We pivoted and ended up on a beach with the most breathtaking sunset imaginable, and that wouldn’t have been possible with someone who hasn’t spent countless hours in the area….

It almost seems secondary to everything else she did for us, but my gosh, the images! We cried seeing our highlight slides and album draft for the first time!

We felt calm, joyful & at peace with Sam & the experience she helped create. We’re so glad we listened and prioritize our photographer, but we got so much more with Sam, she is worth everything.

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Love from Adventurers…

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! All of Sam’s elopement location resources were fantastic, but what we loved most was the connection we made along our process. From the initial Zoom call and breakdown of our dream destination we knew we could trust her with our plan. Our calls always helped us refocus and get clarity. Also, it was just plain fun chatting with Sam, as a friend!

The initial consult was so crucial to the process but it didn’t seem like it was work. We were able to connect with Sam through video and made the process so much easier than the traditional path we were thinking of doing…. Sam got to know us, showed us what was possible, and gave us permission to dream…. When we finally met up in person… it felt like we were just meeting up with an old friend.

Our dream could have ended in absolute nightmare b/c the weather DID NOT cooperate. Sam took the lead in making sure our dreams were a reality. She spent hours on our last day to find a suitable destination for pictures and we ended up loving her decision at the end of the process.

Are you eloping? Great choice! Now hit up Sam and make it happen!

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Nami & Hari, Switzerland

Jen & Mel, Alaska

Love from Adventurers…

What can we say about our experience with Sam and Rachel? From the very first zoom call with Sam we knew she was special….

We are a relatively private couple and found the requirement for both of us to partake in the zoom call a little daunting HOWEVER Sam instantly put us at ease and that one zoom call solidified our decision to have her part of our special day.

We travelled and eloped with our 10-year-old son and to say Sam and Rachel were amazing with him would be an understatement.

….Even though the days were jam-packed with activities, it really felt like we were going on an adventure with friends. Sam was able to read our body language and unspoken cues. Sam and Rachel did an amazing job keeping us laughing (our bellies have not had such a workout!), relaxed and engaged – without a staged photo in sight!

Our decision to elope in Alaska is certainly up there for life experiences, choosing Sam and Rachel to capture those moments is a decision we will never regret. We all had the time of our lives!

Sam we seriously cannot thank you both enough for the laughter, amazing memories, experiences and of course the stunning images you captured of our special days. Just one regret … “Where’s Brian?”

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Love from Adventurers…

We’ve spent a good while trying to describe how perfect our elopement was and how grateful we are to have connected with Sam.

From the very first call, we knew we wanted Sam to be a very important part of our very special day. We chose a location that we had never traveled to. Sam was able to guide us and she had great local recommendations for vendors that she had worked with previously- and they were very eager to work with her again!

When we first met up in person, it was like reconnecting with a long-lost friend. We decided on the two day adventure package… we were so excited to get to spend an entire second day with Sam.

We received a call that our planned adventure for day two had to be canceled due to inclement weather. Without missing a beat, Ranger Sam recalculated the weather pattern, consulted the map, and started making phone calls. Within a few calls she had pulled some strings and found us a last-minute private pilot….

If you’re reading this and even considering an adventure elopement over a stuffy wedding, do it! I mean, Sam literally crawled over a snowy glacier to get the photos she was envisioning and proudly wore snow in her pants in order to do so. And the photos? Better than we could have ever dreamt.

Don’t mind us, we’re over here trying to think of an excuse to get to spend another day with Sam and her camera.

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Carissa & Ben, Alaska

Jacintha & Kevin, White Sands National Park

Love from Adventurers…

Sam is awesome! While preparing for our elopement, we were looking for a photographer to be another connection on this very special experience of eloping at White Sands, and that’s exactly what we got. Working with Sam is not for people who just want their photos and elopement experience to be a transaction. If you want a separated relationship with your photographer, honestly she is probably not the best fit. But if you’re wanting a relationship that goes past that, get on a consult call with Sam! She puts a lot of care into her work and the couples and got to know us outside of just capturing our elopement.

She blocks out time for Zoom calls and truly makes the effort to get to know you. What you see on her website (which I recommend you read, especially her About page) is her, and you can tell that from the first consult call.

She didn’t only strive to get to know us, she got to know the environment as well. She had never been to White Sands but did plenty of research and came out beforehand to double-check locations. She took the time to learn about the area, the history, and the geology as well…. She helped us create lasting memories and we had the most relaxing, empowering, playful, adventurous day that was pure JOY! The photos she took of that day are epic as well and truly captured the moments we will want to remember forever.

One last thing: take advantage of hanging out with Sam before the big day when the opportunity arises! We wished we all would have been able to hang out more before AND after!

Love from Adventurers…

Working with Sam and Rachel was SO smooth. The process was fun and they were so responsive any time I had a question (or a mild freak out about the marriage license – you know, the usual!). We are not the most comfortable when it comes to taking pictures of ourselves, but Rachel made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera! It’s amazing that it felt like we were just hanging out with a friend, and then ended up with GORGEOUS pictures. She is the best!

We had a team behind us to help pull off a stress-free day in the Redwoods. These two are more than just photographers. They helped us get an idea of what an area looks like, and all its specs (like crowdedness, trail incline, etc.), without us ever having been there! They also had a ton of resources for restaurants, lodging and so much more.

Sam asked us during our initial call how we wanted to feel on our day (which was key to building the day we wanted!). We said: free, centered, relaxed, fulfilled. And that’s exactly what our day was. It was the perfect elopement and I am so thankful for Sam and Rachel. These two know what they’re doing!

Christine & Matt, Redwoods/Oregon Coast


Shelby and Jeff, Alaska

Love from Adventurers…

Let’s start off with the fact that the whole week we were in Alaska felt like a blur, because it was truly more awe-inspiring than anything we could’ve imagined, making it SO hard to go back to reality after this fantasy adventure that Sam helped us cook up. There were helicopters, tons of different sights, glaciers, and MOOSE!

One thing we loved about working with Sam was that it never really felt like we took posed photos; there were prompts and directions, but it really was genuine, she captured us just being weirdly us. Jeff complained about getting his photos taken in the months leading up to our elopement, but the experience was way better than expected (he grew up despising cameras) and all of our photos are so full of life, taking us back to that exact time and place. Also, Sam suggested thinking about our day as an adventure first and a wedding second, and it really helped us realize the potential and plan a day that was way more badass and memorable than any traditional wedding!

We certainly don’t feel like we missed out on anything by eloping; in fact, we feel the experience was more meaningful and intentional because we got to experience all of these new adventures together that were uniquely us. I’ve already had friends and colleagues come up to me asking how to elope like we did. My advice is, “Here’s Sam’s contact info – you need to call her.”

Love from Adventurers…

Sam is COOL. AS. HELL. Working with her and Rachel was great! All of us felt right at home as our goofy selves. We wanted to feel tiny among a vast world on our elopement day and Sam totally delivered. We weren’t worried about all these wedding logistics or family drama, instead we just had an epic adventure in Moab with our dogs, our moms, and some new friends. It was freaking magic!

We loved the whole experience, from our own personal client portal (use it, trust me!) filled with resources, planning and location inspiration to all of us building this really personal relationship. At the end, we had a stress-free “best day ever”, images to remember it by, and a new friend to adventure with. Do yourself a favor: Elope Your Life and hire Sam and her team!

I would do this every year if we could! It was an absolutely magical day & we are so grateful to have her help us create such incredible memories. I’m writing this on our 1 year anniversary because time just flew by! But it’s a perfect time to reflect on just how amazing Sam & her whole team are!

JEss. & Brady, Moab Utah


Katherin & Clay, Maui Hawaii

Love from Adventurers…

Due to COVID, we decided to forgo the traditional wedding and plan the adventure elopement of our dreams. But also due to COVID, we changed our elopement location 3 times! Not only were we impressed with Sam’s flexibility, but with each step, she had an incredible repository of recommended vendors and location suggestions that fit the bill for exactly what we wanted. How can we put into a short paragraph how amazing our 2-day elopement was across the island of Maui? We got married at 10,000ft at Haleakala National Park, explored a red sand beach with a DRONE, hiked a bamboo forest, and so much more. Sam doing what she does gave us a super solid foundation and empowerment to make our experience exactly what we wanted: spontaneous, candid, and fun. She made it so comfortable, so 2 days flew by! Her direction in front of the camera was also a great balance of serious and funny moments. We’re still laughing at, “Every guy has a condition. It’s called ‘dead hand’.” On top of all that, she knew things about the planning process (like when Google was lying about drive time ?, or how we’d fit our day together perfectly) that made our life so much easier. Her timeline questionnaire and timeline she crafted from it just put our minds at ease. Sam cares SO deeply about every couple she meets. From the first conversation we had, the first thing she did was get to know us as people and what we wanted, past the epic images. Since we were all free, we met up the night before our elopement to just have dinner and talk (and share dog photos) and that really stood out to us about Sam’s process too. The whole elopement experience surpassed what we ever could have imagined.

Love from Adventurers…

Every part of our Glacier elopement was what I thought it would be. We loved being able to focus on ourselves and not worry about other people. We loved Sam being our hype gal and getting us into the mindset on the day with her prompts and things to consider. It allowed us to get connected and be ourselves – it seriously made the whole experience. Also, having the relationship where we could just text Sam photos of dresses, or when we were freaking out? Priceless. “Elope Your Life” has sort of gone past the elopement day with me (Lindsey), and it’s made me realize that if we can have even a modicum of happiness that we experience on our elopement in our everyday life, then it’s worth pursuing. So this gal is starting her own organizing business! If you’re even vaguely thinking that eloping is an option, 100% fucking do it.

Lindsey & Kevin, Glacier National Park

Jaclyn & Logan, Moab UT

Love from Adventurers…

Our day was so kickass. It wasn’t stressful in the least, and the few loved ones the witnessed our ceremony had a great time too! Working with Sam was SO easy, she made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera and her resources were everything we needed. Looking to elope? Congratulations! Now go see Sam LOL!

Love from Adventurers…

Choosing a great photographer is the most important wedding decision to make, second only to choosing your spouse. We could not be happier in choosing Sam as our adventure elopement photographer. It was the best decision we made for our day. ….We were immediately sold, and this choice went on to shape the best day of our life. Sam really helped curate the day and make our vision come alive, just like we imagined. Even better, really. Our day was light, fun, romantic, and we felt so ALIVE. Sam’s direction was fantastic, and we loved her games like, “The Floor is Lava” (if you know, you know). It didn’t even feel like “direction”. We now recommend Sam before anyone can even ask. We’re always looking at our pictures all googly eyed, and it’s great to have tangible memories that we can share with our family and friends…. She knows what she’s doing, a true professional, but it was also so genuine. She wrote a book. She even did a TEDx Talk on eloping!! We were both like whaaaaat!!! Yes, woman, kill it! Seriously, hire Sam, great pics are sooo important, but it was more than pictures, it was an experience. It was worth every penny. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. Break from tradition and do something for YOU that you can share with each other.

Nikki & Evan, Maui


Andy & Ashland, Alaska

Love from Adventurers…

Our elopement in Alaska with Sam was so epic. Our friends kept saying that our elopement announcement photo should be used for Alaska’s tourism! The whole elopement experience was completely worth it. The mine, glacier, and reindeer farm were all perfect additions to the day where we climbed a mountain and said “I do”. It felt good to do what we wanted. It wasn’t like we were trying to exclude anyone, but an Alaska elopement was just what we felt more comfortable doing. Sam’s communication was on point (I love a quick response and she was on it) and she gave us so many location/activity recommendations that were so helpful, whether she’d been there already or not. And the whole Elope Your Life aspect? It was present in our day, with trying new things and getting outside our comfort zone. It was also a great reminder to continue that bravery and exploration in our lives. With Sam there to capture it, we forded a glacial stream, hiked a mountain, were surrounded by reindeer, kissed a moose, and explored an old mine in the mountains of Alaska. To anyone wanting to elope – do it. We now have so many friends and family who wish they did what we did.

Love from Adventurers…

Coming from out of state, Sam’s resources were invaluable and she walked us through the entire process for our Redwoods/Oregon Coast elopement. And she was SO personable! It felt like we were with a friend going out on a hike, experiencing and learning about our surroundings. She got us into the moment and allowed us to be ourselves and open up/get in the right mind frame to say those meaningful things you always think about the other person but never say. Someone else said working with Sam is like relationship therapy, and they’re right! We didn’t know we were getting a therapy session included LOL. It was everything we expected and more, working with Sam. Get a hold of her and plan an epic adventure with your partner!

Jane & Matt, Redwoods/Oregon Coast

Nicolette & Bret, Oregon/Redwoods

Love from Adventurers…

So many times we thought “Thank goodness for Sam”. She was flexible with COVID, helped with our timeline, and was super responsive. We didn’t have to worry because she took care of us. I (Bret) wasn’t expecting that our photographer would be this involved and care enough to build a relationship with us, but Sam’s whole process, from the “getting to know you” Zoom calls to our wrap up call when we got to see our images and album draft, was fantastic and helped build connection between all of us. Sam’s view on eloping really aligned with how we feel. Eloping really just reaffirmed that, while we do care what people think, there are days and times where we’re going to ultimately do what we feel is right for us, and that can be regarding any typical societal expectations, like buying a house or having children or how we get married. Our elopement day was adventurous bliss. We wish we could recreate it again and again, and it was so fun working with Sam.

Love from Adventurers…

When anyone asks me how our Kauai elopement was, my words are ‘it was perfect’ and it truly felt perfect! We combined in that day what we truly love to do. And having Sam there was amazing; the fact that she was so accommodating, willing to do whatever (props for being a great rider), taking awesome photos and on top of that, marrying us in a very personal ceremony with that beautiful scenery. We truly couldn’t ask for a better day, and now having these amazing photos, it makes me want to go back to Hawaii.

Deidra & Juan, Kauai

Corri & Mike, Oregon

Love from Adventurers…

It’s hard to put into words how we feel about our elopement day. It was empowering because we’ve spent a lot of our lives trying to please others. Sam was 100% behind us in our unique choices that represented us. Getting to do what we wanted, in a way we wanted, was amazing. We were able to be completely ourselves. This experience made us want to carry that empowered feeling on into the rest of our lives. Cheesy as it sounds, before Sam came into our life, never would I have imagined running around in a dress in nature, going on an adventure not giving a hoot that that is not the “typical” way to get married. That experience and my ongoing interactions with Sam, watching her lives, being in her Facebook group has just made me want to do more with my life. In all aspects, personal goals, work, etc. My life has changed for the better because I know that I can do things in life that may be uncomfortable, may not be what everyone else wants me to do, but it’s okay, because it is my life, not anyone else’s.

Love from Adventurers…

Our day went by in a blur and we were glad to have Sam capture all the memories we may have missed or forgotten. She made things super easy so we were able to focus on what was more important, which was experiencing the day together and enjoying ourselves. Sam was also quick to empower us to do whatever we wanted – whether that was going to a diner in our wedding attire, or getting matching wedding band tattoos! Our day was everything we could have wanted and we felt like Sam was just a friend that was helping guide us through it.

Martyka & Steve, Oregon Coast

Rachel & Mitch, Oregon Coast & Redwoods

Love from Adventurers…

…We loved that Sam was able to marry us, because we felt like we knew her really well and didn’t like that idea of having an officiant who we weren’t as close with. Her personality made things super comfortable and we all had an awesome time. She knew so much about the area that she shared in stories and advice. That also translated into her awesome timeline she made, which was spot on for timing! We trusted Sam implicitly with our special day within 5 minutes of speaking on the phone. Eloping and having Sam capture it was the best decision.

Love from Adventurers…

Seeing Sam’s gorgeous, atmospheric photos I knew we would be lucky to have her photograph our Kauai elopement, and after our first Skype session I knew she’d fit in just perfectly with our little wedding day posse! We loved hanging out with her (and her hubby!) on the day and when we got our photos back I was stunned. So so grateful.

Nikki & Tom

Chloe & Dylan, California Redwoods

Love from Adventurers…

We absolutely loved our experience in the Redwoods with Sam. Nothing was rushed and it was perfectly ‘us’. She helped create an amazing experience on our elopement day (particularly the local bar we went to afterward!). Dylan was worried about feeling awkward on the day, but he ended up having a blast! She took so much stress off our shoulders, and we loved her fun personality. Our elopement experience totally exceeded our expectations! We feel like we’ve gained a friend who we can visit and spend time outdoors together.

Love from Adventurers…

Sam did more than I ever imagined a photographer would. We gave her a big, empty circle (elopement in Glacier National park) and she helped work out all of the details. She removed any piece that could have seemed overwhelming. On top of all of that, she’s a fantastic photographer and a phenomenal person. Our wedding day was a group of friends, trudging through the woods (hot tea in hand, thanks to her and her husband), laughing, talking, and getting pictures along the way.

Leah & Mike, Glacier National Park

Candess & Jess, Eastern Washington

Love from Adventurers…

YOU’RE INCREDIBLE! You’re personable and made us feel so comfortable and loved!

Caroline & Manny, Oregon Coast & Redwoods

Love from Adventurers…

Having Sam guide us through the process of planning our elopement was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding day. It was everything we wanted and exceeded our expectations. Sam was always available and I loved that I could text her about anything, wedding related or not. We really felt like we were more than just clients to her and that she wanted our day to be as intimate, connected, fun, and relaxed as we did. The day was amazing and beautiful, and looking back, the only thing we wish was that we had had more time with Sam (even though our day didn’t feel rushed as it was!). And even though we were living in two different countries throughout the entire planning process, my husband and I were able to get connected with each other on our day, which might not have been as possible with a big wedding and trying to please everyone else. Eloping with Sam by our side was an awesome experience and I feel like we’ve gained a life long friend in her! Thank you, Sam, for our special day and for our stunning photos!

Love from Adventurers…

We loved our intimate wedding at Cape Kiwanda – though it went by way too fast! Sam had some great location advice and since she was guiding us through the day, we were able to let go of the reins and not worry about making decisions ourselves. She also helped us with the timeline of the day and it turned out her suggestion that we needed even more time than we thought was spot on. It enabled us to capture everything that was most important to us. Our wedding day and ceremony was simple and sweet – just what we wanted.

Erika & Hakan, Oregon Coast

Hope & RJ, Oregon Coast

Love from Adventurers…

Sam exceeded our expectations as a photographer! She instantly made us comfortable about being in front of a camera. She captured us at our finest, weirdest and silliest (which is totally us!). We had a blast joking around with Sam and immediately realized we adored her and needed more Sam in our lives! We also had the greatest time together as a couple! I could not ask for any other images that actually tell our story and capture who we are as a couple. Plus, we got a nice wine tasting afterward!!! We highly recommend her if you want beautiful, personal and truly unique images. We already want more!

Love from Adventurers…

We were just overwhelmed with Sam’s help in finding essentially our wedding location. She’s everything rolled into ONE. I can’t thank her enough for capturing what we were picturing in our heads, so well. Not only did Sam capture our wedding day but she became a friend, who I will refer just about any and everyone to now. Thanks Sam!!!

Noey & Jeramie, Alabama Hills CA

Tabby & Justin, Mary’s Peak OR

Love from Adventurers…

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to describing how amazing our experience with Sam was! We felt like we always had someone we could turn to for any wedding advice! We were planning a more traditional wedding, but wanted it to be small and sweet. Sam helped us really figure out what we were wanting and how to achieve that feeling…and gave us the confidence to stick to our wishes, even if they were non-traditional! Now, the photo experience. She honestly felt like working with a goofy friend. I remember thinking, how in the heck are these going to turn out intimate and sweet? We were honestly blown away! The pictures were more than we could have imagined…and for my husband who really is shy in front of the camera? You never would have known! Sam made it SO easy. Lastly, she’s just a really really awesome person! I loved getting to know her and really do consider her a friend! If you can snag her you are super lucky!!

Client Testimonial

Sam is a magical unicorn and she can take one heck of a photo! We were both so at ease with her and were able to be ourselves without feeling awkward or goofy or judged.

Cory & Matt, Portland OR

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