This photography process and experience is ALL about relationships, which includes both of you. I don’t go into this thinking it’s just “the bride’s day” (or similar sentiment), and want to hear from BOTH of you about your hopes, wishes for the experience, and who you are as people. This is a collaborative experience, and I’ve found my best work and your best experience happens when we’re all on the same page from the get-go. This doesn’t mean a partner has to be incredibly involved in the rest of the planning (I often end up predominantly talking to one person over the other), but I want to make sure we all vibe! If there are extenuating circumstances (long distance, etc.) where both of you can’t talk, there are alternatives we can set up! But in all honesty, if one of you just doesn’t care to be on the call (or what I hear frequently: “He’s letting me have the wedding as long as he doesn’t have to do anything”), we likely aren’t the best fit.

I am pretty firm on this because of how much time I set aside (at least 90 minutes), and so when couples ask, “Well, my partner might not be there, can we just still have a consult?” I say to reschedule as soon as you know your partner can’t make it.

This is an email I get more often than you’d think! Firstly, if you’re getting a ton of value from my website’s free resources already, then working together with me is probably going to be incredibly beneficial and you should inquire!

Secondly, I’m able to provide all my booked couples with customized and tailored vendor referrals, including officiants, florals, planners, HMUAs, instrumentalists, and more. If I’m not your cup of tea, I highly suggest leaning on the photographer or planner that you book for customized resources.

I get a lot of “Where’s this?” comments on social media from strangers on the Internet.

While I love showing people new and beautiful locations in person, it wouldn’t be fair to booked clients or myself to provide info that I’ve spent countless hours collecting (virtually and truly just getting lost on back roads).

Often people inquire wanting lots of info and resources when they plan on going with someone cheaper who doesn’t provide any of that (likely part of the reason why they are cheaper). My couples get a full range of location planning!

I have the link to my starting pricing on my “How This Works” page in the main menu. Before jumping straight to pricing, please take a look over my approach on this page. Why? Because regardless of my pricing, if the experience/process doesn’t sound like your jam, we won’t be a good fit!

I have couples book anywhere from 3 weeks prior to their date to a year and a half out. In general, I say the sooner the better, because once you and I are in cahoots, the more time you’ll have to book lodging and activities that may be booked up once the day gets closer. It also means your preferred date and location is locked in! I’ve had couples wait and my availability gets booked up. And that’s not a fun convo to have.

The only caveat in this is that I don’t book Oregon Coast/Redwoods elopements farther than about a year out in order to maximize availability in other locations.

While both are adventurous and outdoorsy, an adventure elopement is intended for those getting married. An adventure session is more like an anniversary or engagement session. Or just because! Adventure sessions require less in depth planning, but can last from 2 hours to an overnight backpacking trip.

Good question!

Do I help my couples brainstorm locations, provide custom vendor referrals, hop on planning calls, provide permit logistics and more to the point where most of my couples don’t need a full service planner? Yes!!

Do I physically book and pay for vendors and accommodations? No. That is the role of a full-service planner or travel agent. 99% of adventure elopement photographers aren’t those 😉. I firmly believe in having agency in choosing your own vendors so you can work with who resonates! You don’t get that with a package elopement deal.

That I am not! While not always true, I’ve found in that trying to do both photography and videography, one (or both) medium often suffers (and I am already busy providing a metric ton of resources for my awesome couples!). I want to make sure you have next-level images, as opposed to just “okay” images and video. Usually, unless it’s very clear that someone also does video on their website, they likely don’t.

The only exception is your own social media/TikTok video to share that we capture via phone!

Nope! If you’re wanting someone to just pronounce you married and sign the paperwork after you read personal vows/letters, I’m your gal (meaning I won’t be standing in between you, reciting all the “Dearly beloved…” type speech). I include this as an option for all my elopement couples with absolutely no more than 2 guests. Though I HIGHLY suggest hiring an officiant who can bring magic into your ceremony.

Probably the most frequently asked question I have when people first inquire. I currently do not book any weddings with more than 15 people or those in traditional wedding venues.

While I’m jazzed about any two people starting their life together, my photography and soul really come alive when capturing intimate weddings and elopements. I’m also able to provide so much more to my couples that way.

On extremely rare, case-by-case circumstances, I’ll take on 1 or 2 larger weddings per year.

Based on the location of your elopement, any collections I send you will have my travel included unless it’s a unique situation!

I base my travel off regions/states, so when we’re deep into location planning, you’re able to focus on what locations resonate and not whether it’s an extra 50 miles of driving for me to be reimbursed for.

Of course! Before booking, all peeps get a link to multiple full galleries. That way you are able to see the full spectrum of a typical day. The stuff you see on social media is not reflective of any photographer’s full body of work.

Savanah and Tyler have graciously allowed their Alaska elopement gallery to be a public example if you just can’t wait!

Most of my couples say this. I use a combination of posing and prompting to get you interacting, playing, and having fun. Oftentimes, it already feels like we know each other before photographing even starts. It’s why CONNECTION between the two of you (as well as myself) is so important!

While you’ll have personal printing and sharing rights, I’ll retain the copyright to the images themselves. This is standard with 99% of photographers, since copyright really means “I took the photo”.

That’s a good question! Some dates are reserved for personal adventures, but most of my schedule revolves around couples and when their elopements are, as well as the best time to elope in certain regions. So in reality, the sooner you book, the more likely your date is available!

Firstly: yay! Secondly: YES! I set most of my couples up with monthly payments after their initial retainer. Everything is just due 30 days before the big day. That means the sooner you book, the lower monthly payments will be.

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“We were just overwhelmed with Sam’s help in finding essentially our wedding location. I knew from the moment we met in Crater Lake for our engagement photos that she was gonna HAVE to be the one who captures our wedding day. She’s everything rolled into ONE.”



Shoot me an email via the contact form! We’ll hop on a quick phone call and I’ll answer any questions, we’ll get to know each other. I’ll send over collections that fit your vision.


Let me know when you’re ready to book, and I’ll send you an agreement and retainer to remit. Once we’ve got you booked, I’ll send over your elopement guide, location and vendor information, and you’ll have full access to my list of resources.


We’ll be in touch up until your elopement day to coordinate locations, timelines, and make sure everything’s kosher. This process is an experience, not just another thing to check off your to-do list.