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As an adventure elopement photographer, I see so many people living their lives according to other peoples' expectations.

and that's BS. I'm not the person that's going to sit here and talk about how epic and badass eloping is as much as I'm going to help you realize that once you have the confidence to be truly yourself on your wedding day, you can use that power to transform the rest of your life.

What is an Elopement?

Eloping is not about the photos.

I know what you’re thinking. What? An adventure elopement photographer who thinks eloping isn’t about the photos?! Yes, you heard me right. Eloping is about the transformation that you can have that is the catalyst for real change in the rest of your life. Think about all the defining moments in your life. Think about those moments that made you a better person. Those moments likely weren’t easy. But I bet you those moments were 100% worth it. Eloping is about so much more than a ceremony and great photos. It’s about doing the thing that speaks to you the most, regardless of whether it scares you, or looks hard, or mean you might face blow back. Eloping is about doing the thing that fulfills you and makes you a better person and who you were meant to be.

Andy & Ashland, Alaska

Our elopement in Alaska with Sam was so epic. Our friends kept saying that our elopement announcement photo should be used for Alaska’s tourism! The whole elopement experience was completely worth it. The mine, glacier, and reindeer farm were all perfect additions to the day where we climbed a mountain and said “I do”....

Sam’s communication was on point (I love a quick response and she was on it) and she gave us so many location/activity recommendations that were so helpful, whether she’d been there already or not. And the whole Elope Your Life aspect? It was present in our day, with trying new things and getting outside our comfort zone.... With Sam there to capture it, we forded a glacial stream, hiked a mountain, were surrounded by reindeer, kissed a moose, and explored an old mine in the mountains of Alaska.


Deidra & Juan Pablo, Kauai

When anyone asks me how our Kauai elopement was, my words are 'it was perfect' and it truly felt perfect! We combined in that day what we truly love to do. And having Sam there was amazing; the fact that she was so accommodating, willing to do whatever (props for being a great rider), taking awesome photos and on top of that, marrying us in a very personal ceremony with that beautiful scenery.

We truly couldn't ask for a better day, and now having these amazing photos, it makes me want to go back to Hawaii.


Caroline & Manny, Scotland in Oregon

Having Sam guide us through the process of planning our elopement was one of the best decisions we made... It was everything we wanted and exceeded our expectations. Sam was always available and I loved that I could text her about anything, wedding related or not. We really felt like we were more than just clients to her and that she wanted our day to be as intimate, connected, fun, and relaxed as we did. .. Looking back, the only thing we wish was that we had had more time with Sam (even though our day didn’t feel rushed as it was!).

Eloping with Sam by our side was an awesome experience and I feel like we’ve gained a life long friend in her! Thank you, Sam, for our special day and for our stunning photos!


Corri & Mike, Oregon Ghost Mining Town

It’s hard to put into words how we feel about our elopement day. It was empowering because we’ve spent a lot of our lives trying to please others. Sam was 100% behind us in our unique choices that represented us... This experience made us want to carry that empowered feeling on into the rest of our lives.

Cheesy as it sounds, before Sam came into our life, never would I have imagined running around in a dress in nature, going on an adventure not giving a hoot that that is not the "typical" way to get married. That experience and my ongoing interactions with Sam, watching her Lives, being in her Facebook group has just made me want to do more with my life. In all aspects, personal goals, work, etc. My life has changed for the better because I know that I can do things in life that may be uncomfortable, may not be what everyone else wants me to do, but it's okay, because it is my life, not anyone else's.

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Rachel & Mitch, Oregon Coast & Redwoods

... We loved that Sam was able to marry us, because we felt like we knew her really well and didn't like that idea of having an officiant who we weren't as close with. Her personality made things super comfortable and we all had an awesome time. She knew so much about the area that she shared in stories and advice. That also translated into her awesome timeline she made, which was spot on for timing!

We trusted Sam implicitly with our special day within 5 minutes of speaking on the phone. Eloping and having Sam capture it was the best decision.


Martyka & Steve, Oregon Coast

Our day went by in a blur and we were glad to have Sam capture all the memories we may have missed or forgotten. She made things super easy so we were able to focus on what was more important, which was experiencing the day together and enjoying ourselves. Sam was also quick to empower us to do whatever we wanted - whether that was going to a diner in our wedding attire, or getting matching wedding band tattoos! Our day was everything we could have wanted and we felt like Sam was just a friend that was helping guide us through it.


Kendal & Mike, Glacier National Park

As soon as I spoke to Sam on the phone we connected and I knew there was no one else I would rather have in my corner to pull off the magical adventurous wedding I had in mind! Sam was super communicative, crazy knowledgeable, and just so much fun to work with!

Do yourself a solid and cancel your wedding, hire Sam as your adventure elopement photographer, and run away and marry your sweetie like you really want to!

Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

Leah & Mike, Glacier National Park

Sam did more than I ever imagined a photographer would. She removed any piece that could have seemed overwhelming.

On top of all of that, she’s a fantastic photographer and a phenomenal person. Our wedding day was a group of friends, trudging through the woods (hot tea in hand, thanks to her and her husband), laughing, talking, and getting pictures along the way.

Samuel H. Boardman Oregon Coast Elopement Intimate Wedding S Photography Adventure Photography

Hope & RJ, Oregon Coast

She picked a perfect location and had a timeline sent to me in no time! I seriously just had to show up. There was not one single thing I had to worry about that day. She truly made it intimate and about us two. I would not pick any other person to capture that day.


Noey & Jeramie, Alabama Hills/Lone Pine California

We were just overwhelmed with Sam's help in finding essentially our wedding location.
She’s everything rolled into ONE, not just an adventure elopement photographer.

I can’t thank her enough for capturing what we were picturing in our heads, so well. Not only did Sam capture our wedding day but she became a friend, who I will refer just about any and everyone to now.



I am committed to equality and representation as well as proper environmental stewardship in the outdoors and beyond while crafting adventurous days that truly represent you as a couple. The outdoors are for everyone.

Adventure Elopement Photographer, who specializes in Glacier National Park elopements, Oregon elopements, Redwoods elopements, and Hawaii elopements.