Starting Pricing for your greatest adventure yet

You feeling what i’m feeling? Oh yeah.
All that’s left is to work out the finer details.


Personal Client Portal

Your own personal, customized, and password-protected client portal with access to resources, invoices, our emails, and more!

Vendor Hub

You’ll get a customized list of vendors that are handpicked especially for your location and needs. You can rest easy knowing that these vendors will provide a kickass experience as well!

I don’t book vendors for you, because I firmly believe you should hire people you connect with, and a bundled package doesn’t allow for that!


If you’re really wanting an intimate setting with as few additional people to coordinate as possible or if you consider yourself shy, I am ordained and able to casually officiate elopements of a maximum of 2 guests (this is included in every collection!).

What does this mean? An uber-casual ceremony while I photograph as you read vows, exchange tokens/rings, and then pronounce you married. None of that “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here together…” fluff.

Your own park ranger

Okay, I’m not a park ranger anymore, but I used to be! I’ll be sharing info about the local surroundings based on my geological sciences education and my time as a park ranger and naturalist on a whale-watching vessel. It’s a great way to experience the area on a whole other level. Have any knowledge to share yourself?! I’m all ears!

Location Matching

Want mountains but ALSO water? Prefer the arid desert? Know a general location but not specific spots to explore? Need help with PERMITS? I’ve got you covered. We dive into what you’re wanting out of a backdrop and I’ll send over a complete list of locations that are gorgeous and off the beaten path away from crowds.

Planning Assistance

While I (and most other elopement photographers) am not a full-service planner, you can still consider me a “planning consultant” of sorts!

  • Vetted location recommendations and stats on each
  • Getting to Know You Questionnaire and Zoom calls
  • Marriage license resources
  • Permitting information

Day-of Timeline

You’ll receive a timeline questionnaire in your client portal that covers important details like a first look, getting ready coverage, locations that are “must-see”s and more.

From there, I’ll craft the perfect timeline that’s structured, but still leaves room for spontaneity and adventure! A timeline ensures we make the most out of the day, without going overboard!

Heirloom Album

Embrace nostalgia and relive your day through touch, sight, and smell with an heirloom album.

Your collection includes an album credit that we’ll use to design your perfect coffee table book album!

Hi-Res Images

All collections come with hi-res images for you to download, print, and share for personal use! If you’re wanting high-quality heirloom prints from a professional lab, your gallery has a store option.

Travel Included

The collection you choose includes things like my airfare, lodging, and rental car to anywhere I can get with 2WD. That way if you switch up your ceremony location by several miles, it’s all covered!

The only thing that wouldn’t be covered would be if you want to do something extra, like a helicopter ride or dogsled or offroading and I need a seat/vehicle!


The ability to add on hours at the last minute when you want them is handy, but you’re also able to add on the following to each of your collections (though some already come with these!)…


A GIF of anything from you twirling, to your first look, to your first kiss – we’ll pick a moment and I’ll transform it into a GIF!

TikTok/Reel for social media

Done on iPhone, this is a casual organic-feeling social media video anywhere from 30-60 seconds long, focusing on you, your story, and the backdrop.


The biggest win is NOT a day that’s stress-free and relaxed. Those vibes are bare minimum, people. But something more than that – something that invigorates your soul and leaves you feeling alive.

This next-level experience is all about your story. And that means a day dedicated to you (i.e. I limit the couples I adventure with so I can focus on you 110%).

In order to preserve your experience, I photograph adventures with a maximum guest count of 15 people.
This TikTok explains why!

Adventure Elopements Start at $6500
Adventure sessions Start at $1500

Why should I consider full or multi-day coverage?

Just a few hours of coverage doesn’t do your love and marriage justice. With an elopement or intimate wedding, the entire day ends up being this ceremony of connection, fun, and adventure. The paperwork is all just secondary.

Take a hot air balloon ride. Get matching tattoos. Have a romantic picnic spread. Helicopter to a glacier. Do whatever speaks to your heart.

I know, you’re thinking, “Yeah, I don’t really want a half-ass type of day!”

Good. Because I’m a whole-ass type of person 😏

“We decided on the two day adventure package, we thought it might be a bit overboard, but at the end of day one, we were so excited to get to spend an entire second day with Sam!”

Carissa & Ben


Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal: these are just some of the international destinations where I’ve captured couples on their best day yet.

Svalbard, New Zealand, Namibia, Norway: these are just some of my bucket list destinations that may or may not have special pricing for you brave souls who dare to tread in the most adventurous spaces.

Feeling frisky and fancy-free? Maybe you’re in need of some inspiration on where to elope? Check out my travel dates and details below. Even if a destination isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

Nostalgia > Heirloom Albums

Imagine reliving your day over and over with the next best thing to actually being there. That’s where these heirloom albums, crafted by the finest elves around, come in. And here’s the best part: they’re included in your collection.


And are you ready to create an elopement day that no one that knows you could possibly replicate?*

*I mean, I can’t guarantee they won’t be so envious that they might try


I’ll be in touch shortly with more info and some times we can hop on a call!


We’ll get to know each other, brainstorm, answer questions, go over full pricing, and more. It’ll be on Zoom, but no need to wear pants if that harshes your vibe.


After we discover what your best day yet looks like, you’ll choose a collection based on what you want covered and we’ll start scheming 😏

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