“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing” will 100% be on my gravestone.

Human Rights advocate 🏳️‍🌈.
Audible library consists of mostly smut & Dan Brown novels.
Heathen 🌙 🖤.

Let’s take your elopement up a notch, from transaction to experience.

When we’re out embracing adventure together, my goal through my job and photography is to help you see and relive the wonder & magic of your elopement day and your relationship. My past experience, from being a park ranger to living abroad (France, if you’re curious), allows me to help bring that to life a singular and spectacular way.

And I’m fueled by my love of Diet Coke, so you know it’s gonna be bitchin’.

I believe the most unforgettable elopement experiences come down to relationships and connection. It’s for that reason that my process is set up so I can get to know the amazing humans in front of my camera. One of the most kickass parts of my job is the people I get to meet (hi, yes, I’m talking about you).

When you work with me, you’re working with someone who is in your corner. Your Aunt Carol causing *problems*? Did I mention that attack/guard dog is one of my included services?



Doctor Who

Favorite TV Show


Zodiac Sign

Park Ranger

Favorite Past Job

Horseback Riding

Favorite Outdoor Activity

OR, AK, Scotland

Favorite Place

Wheel of Fortune

Favorite Tarot Card

Our own Scotland vow renewal

My Mission

I’m here to help you see yourselves for the amazing people you are and the beautiful space you occupy in the world. Then we’re going to translate that into a spectacular day that no one can replicate.*

*I mean, I can’t guarantee they won’t be so inspired that they’ll try 😎

feel empowered to Choose your own adventure

I didn’t incorporate things like music, equestrian, outdoors, laughter, and adventure – those things that I love – into my wedding, and I wish I had.

My dream elopement?

Horseback riding across the Scottish Highlands, drinking and singing songs in a pub, and exploring mountains and forests!*

*And that’s exactly what we did with our vow renewal in Scotland!

What’s your dream?



Simply put, it takes a LOT of confidence and self reflection to craft a day that represents you and your relationship. On that day, you’re badass. You’re breaking the “rules”. You’re doing things your own way. You’re inspiring others. You’re making moves.

Why don’t you wrap up all that epicness and use that in other areas of your life? Because that badassery isn’t just meant for your wedding day.

Travel solo.
Cut your hair.
Start a business.
Go to the movies alone.
Wear what you want.
Make moves.
Inspire others.
Life your life to the fullest.


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