What a ride it’s been. It’s been a year of growth, digging into serving my couples even more, and setting this business up for even more wins in 2020. I’ve been able to meet fantastic and unique couples, and witness a great moment in their lives, and what would the year be without a little bit of hiking and traveling? I’m totally ready for more elopements in Hawaii, New York Adirondacks, and Glacier National Park.

Below are just some of the stats of my 2019 Adventure Elopement Year in Review and where I’ve been.

13,000+ miles driven
11,000+ miles flown
50+ miles hiked with couples
3 new general locations photographed
1 new trailer

From Spring to Fall in 2019 I traveled to photograph elopements in places like:

The Oregon Coast
The California Redwoods
Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Kaua’i, Hawai’i
The Adirondacks in New York

Not to mention all around Oregon to places like Crater Lake National Park, The Alvord Desert, Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, and the Umpqua National Forest.

Some other accomplishments of this adventure elopement photographer in 2019:

I also started a group for couples wanting to feel inspired, and supported in making the decision to elope. So Elope Your Life – Elopement + Intimate Wedding Resource Group was born. I provide advice, information, tips, tricks, and couples (future, past, present, what have you) offer their experiences and support.

Elope Your Life

I also trademarked the phrase “Elope Your Life”. And there are huge plans in the works (see 2020 goals below).

It was hard to choose a handful of images from this past year that are my favorite (seriously, I had to tell myself to stop at one point). But here they are, in no particular order, my favorite images from this year full of adventure elopements.

The year started out in the California Redwoods and then led to places like the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, then back to the Redwoods and the Oregon Coast a few more times, before heading to Kauai for epic horseback rides and sunset cliffs. After that, I headed to the Adirondacks in New York for a perfect Fall elopement.

Then it was back to Oregon for a ghost town elopement, and more Oregon Coast and Redwoods views. Finally, the year was capped off with an elopement at sunrise on Mount Hood.

After my 2019 Adventure Elopement Year in Review, here are my 2020 GOALS

First of all, I’m working on a book.
Yep. A book.

It’s a book full of inspiration and actionables about eloping. Not to mention, it’s also a book of stories about couples who decided to elope and do something that represented them. And it’s also about how you can use the empowerment to transform other areas of your life. Essentially, the book is about Eloping Your Life.

I didn’t make it to Glacier National Park for an adventure elopement this year, but I’ll be headed back this year regardless of elopements.

Glacier National Park is magical and while I’m always game to photograph an adventure elopement there, it’s so much more than that to me.

I’m headed to Ireland and Scotland in the fall – and booking adventure elopements there too.

I have Irish heritage and these isles (as well as Scotland) call to me, just like Glacier does. I’ll be headed there around the beginning of October, and cannot wait. So, if you want to see travel dates for 2020, just click the button below.