Southern Oregon Coast Adventure Elopement (plus Redwoods!)

This South Oregon Coast elopement in Samuel H. Boardman (with a stop in the Redwoods) will have you drooling over this couple’s connection as well as their backdrop.

Most people don’t know about the South Oregon Coast. When they think Oregon Coast, many think Cannon Beach and Astoria. But there’s a whole other world south of there. It’s underrated and vastly more beautiful in its ferocious landscape.

A South Oregon Coast elopement can include quite a few activities/adventures.

Those things can range from hiking and sightseeing to whale watching to hopping across the border to California to see the Redwoods. And that last recommendation is almost a must, given how close you are to a place that’s relatively remote.

Whitney and Jeremiah chose to see it all. From the towering giants of the Redwoods to the rugged coastline where they said their vows. Their ceremony included a tasting of the four elements: sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy. Those flavors are meant to represent feelings and emotions in any relationship. Personally, I think it is heads and shoulders above combining sand into a jar.

The marine layer had been sticking around all day. But Whitney was sure it would be beautiful, regardless. When we arrived at sunset along Samuel. H. Boardman Scenic Corridor, we were greeted with one of the most spectacular golden hours I’ve ever seen.

2023 UPDATE: Natural Bridges has become increasingly dangerous and now has “No Trespassing” signs up. Secret Beach, with the help of social media, has become crowded.

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