What if it Rains* on Your Elopement Day

What to Expect if Rains on Your Elopement Day

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When planning an outdoor wedding, many couples are concerned about the weather – I get asked “what if it rains on your elopement day” fairly frequently. The old adage says that rain on your big day is supposed to be good luck, but – honestly – I suspect that was concocted to make couples feel a bit better about summer showers and spring downpours.

Nonetheless, a rain plan is something to consider as it can impact events from big weddings down to private elopements. So, let’s take a peek at what to expect if it rains on your elopement day. 

Think about your Plan B. 

It rained, and rained, and rained some more on Brittany and Brian’s Glacier National Park elopement. But we still hiked, fly fished, and had a bunch of amazing laughs to top off an amazing elopement experience.

We always – always, always! – want to go with Plan A, but in the case of inclement weather, that may not be possible. When deciding on a location for your elopement, you may have a mountain view or lakeside retreat in mind, but things may need to be adjusted last minute to account for rain or other unforeseen circumstances. Hail, snow, and even road closures due to wildfires* can impact or change our plans (this is where the * comes in – it isn’t just rain that has a hand in elopement day weather!).

**Left Image: Kendal and Mike eloped in Glacier National Park during a wildfire on the far side of the park. Part of the roads were closed but it made for some smokey and romantic views!**

We can always embrace the weather or move to another location indoors, such as a restaurant, backcountry chalet, or the visitor’s center at a national park. Depending on the location, there may be other areas that will be a bit more forgiving in certain conditions, although they still may be adversely affected by the weather.

My biggest piece of advice is not to be afraid of the weather. Hopefully, the forecast will be spot-on for your elopement, but prepping for a few changes is always a good idea.

Rev up for romance.

When you look at your wedding day images, you may be surprised at how adverse weather makes things look a bit more romantic. Water droplets give off a moody vibe, and couples tend to get a tad closer and laugh a bit more when they encounter the unexpected. Don’t be afraid of your Plan B; it can truly make for a dreamy day! 

Be up for an adventure (because I will be!). 

Ok, all of those Plan B moments above? I am totally ready and willing to experience all of it. The climate may change our plans within a few minutes before your elopement or even in the middle! Know that I am ready to tackle those changes and make the best of it. The day will still be filled with adventure, fun, and unexpected moments – promise! 

Get comfortable as your story is captured. 

If it rains on your elopement day, beyond those cozy moments snuggling under an umbrella, we’ll do our best to stay warm, dry, and comfortable as we navigate the change of plans together. Rest assured that your story will be told to the fullest extent – it just may look a bit different than you may have imagined it to be. And that’s ok. It’s a day that you will cherish as you make memories.

Prep for a different number of images. 

Part of the reason for this post’s timing is that this is at the top of my mind since it rained hella hard for the duration of a recent elopement. The original plan was to capture images by a glacial alpine lake, but the couple eventually opted to drive and grab a few drinks instead of fighting the unfortunate weather situation any longer. Though the bride still chose to run into the lake for the hell of it before we left! 

The time frame for the day (and drive time, which affected the amount of images) looked a bit different than the original plan due to adding a hike and drive, but their day was still told entirely through the images we were able to capture. Plus, the added elements of the rain and chatting over drinks allowed for a few intimate moments. No matter the weather, I will work with you to create a beautiful, memorable day filled with meaningful moments and stunning images.