Glacier National Park Elopement at Two Medicine

The Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park is a great alternative from potential crowds at Many Glacier or Going-to-the-Sun Road, and it’s definitely not lacking in views.

“When we first came up with the idea to elope to Glacier National Park we talked to about 17 different photographers and weren’t really sure what we wanted…until we talked to Sam. As soon as I spoke to her on the phone we connected and I knew there was no one else I would rather have in my corner to pull off the magical adventurous wedding I had in mind! Sam was super communicative, crazy knowledgeable, and just so much fun to work with! You can obviously see from her portfolio that her photos are incredible keepsakes, but what I wasn’t expecting was what a sweet and fun experience she crafted for us with the combination of her effervescent personality and wilderness guile! In hindsight, I can’t imagine anyone else standing by our side (or climbing a rocky waterfall with us as it were). Do yourself a solid and cancel your wedding, hire Sam, and run away and marry your sweetie like you really want to!” – Kendal & Mike

An image from this elopement was featured on Wandering Weddings.


Kendal and Mike entrusted the official business to me, and I was incredibly flattered when Kendal “proposed”, asking me to be their officiant. The looks on their faces when they signed their marriage certificate were priceless. Both are such fun goofballs, and it showed through their whole wedding day.


During our Two Medicine Hike, Mike hauled a Pendleton blanket and backpack and they had a small picnic on the shores of Two Medicine Lake. The picnic was complete with chocolate cake, which, in my opinion, is clutch. We gave them a bit of privacy to finish up their picnic and took a stroll along the lake ourselves (Brian and myself).


Afterward, we decided we were all hungry.

“There was a cool lodge just down the road,” Kendal offered. So off we went. The Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier hosted us, and was the topic of several fun conversations, from “The Shining”, to if any more nefarious events had happened there. And I tell all my couples, “Wear your wedding attire as much as possible on your wedding day. You’ll get oodles of congrats, but also free stuff occasionally ;-)”. True to form, free dessert from The Glacier Park Lodge!