Oregon Coast Arches and Redwoods Elopement

Are you ready to elope your life?

Let’s create a day for you that’s wild, bold, and full of fun in a dramatic landscape!

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When I initially got Marilyn’s contact form inquiry, her unique last name stood out to me. I had photogaphed Jacintha and Kevin in May, and J’s last name was the same. Turns out, they’re sisters!

I was STOKED to be photographing Marilyn, who I briefly met at Jacintha and Kevin’s elopement in White Sands National Park. Jacintha and Kevin were now going to make the trip out from Pennsylvania to see Marilyn and Ryan tie the knot. J&K eloped in May, Marilyn and Ryan inquired with me in June, and they eloped in late September.

When you’re like me and fortunate enough to work with couples equally as invested in building a relationship, you get to do cool shit like hang out with them and their Airbnb after their wedding, dancing to music, taking silly photos, and loading down on charcuterie.


Marilyn had Jacintha do her hair and makeup with the help of Meaghan Whalen‘s “Help Desk”!

Gown: Brilliant Bridal, Denver Location