Indian-Infused Switzerland Elopement

Imagine meeting up with friends halfway across the world in a restaurant at the base of the Alps. Feels like you can take on anything, right? That’s how Nami, Hari, my husband Brian, and hair and makeup artist Meaghan (of Black Fern Beauty) felt when we all met up after months of planning N&H’s epic Switzerland elopement.

And really, we did take on the world. Because no matter what pivots we made, the weather made us pivot even more (thanks to Switzerland weather in May!). But by the end of Day 2, after tapping our full resources and expertise, we knew it was supposed to happen exactly how things did.

Digging the resources? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

Let’s create a day for you that’s wild, bold, and full of fun in a dramatic landscape! @samstarns

Day One – Grindelwald & Lauterbrunnen

We started their jam-packed multi-day adventure in Grindelwald, with a trip up a gondola and a jaunt to waterfalls in nearby Lauterbrunnen. With the weather and thick clouds rolling in, the views up the mountain were minimal, so we headed to Lauterbrunnen early. When we arrived in Lauterbrunnen, we discovered our planned waterfall destinations were closed due to “winter conditions”. Which, in the Pacific Northwest, would never be a thing. Here, if you can get to the waterfall in the winter, then it’s open.

We pivoted to some other nearby waterfalls I knew of, and scaled a small trail to stand in the spray as rain was also drenching our skin.

With the wind whipping our hair, we all laughed like kids caught in a rainstorm. Dirt? Mud? Didn’t matter at that point!

Day two – Castle

Originally on Day 2 we had a hot air balloon ride scheduled, with their ceremony to take place at another lake accessed by gondola about an hour from Grindelwald. If you remember a few paragraphs ago, you’ll recall we had been dealing with storms. So naturally, our hot air balloon ride was cancelled, and our beautiful lake was socked in with clouds with absolutely no visibility.

So we pivoted again.

You know the “Math Lady” meme, with equations whizzing past her head while she’s calculating? Instead of the lady, picture me with topographic maps and weather and sunrise/sunset times whizzing past my head. Before I photograph somewhere, I research extensively so in case we need to pivot, I have knowledge to pull from.

After 2 hours of cross-referencing their desires for a lake, mountains and serenity with the elevation the clouds seemed to be at, we managed to decide on a beautiful lakeside chateau with surprising privacy along the shore.

A world of color

After Nami and Hari said their vows with a historic chateau in the background, Hari pulled out a special pair of glasses. Hari has red-green colorblindness, so the beautiful green hills of Switzerland and the vibrancy of Nami’s lehenga were a little lost on him. So the duo purchased Enchroma colorblind glasses.

His reaction was priceless – you’ll have to click on “Day 2” below to see it.

Our final images with Nami’s red gown, with the blue of the lake and the chateau in the background was reminiscent of The Little Mermaid. At that point, we knew we were where we were supposed to be.

Nami and Hari’s heirloom album turned out magnificent!


Hair and Makeup – Black Fern Beauty
Day 1 Dress – Moornii
Day 1 Groom Outfit – Pernia’s Popup Shop
Day 2 Dress – Tarun Tahiliani
Day 2 Groom Outfit – Indochino
Henna – Henna by Pallavi
Colorblind glasses – Enchroma

Wondering how easy it is to elope abroad?

If you’re dreaming of a day like this, full of intention and connection with a splash of “epic” thrown in, reach out, and let’s adventure together…