How to Pack Your Wedding Dress for Your Elopement

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Yay! You and your partner are heading off on your adventure elopement, and from the license to the officiant, everything is all set. But then you think about your dress. It fits perfectly and is absolutely beautiful, but HOW do you get it safely to your final destination? Well, I’ve got you covered—and so do some of my past brides. Here’s how to get your dream dress safely to your adventure elopement.

Pack your wedding dress in a separate garment bag. 

Whether you roll or fold your wedding dress is up for debate. Therefore, ask your seamstress or bridal shop which they think is best for the type of fabric in your dress. Kenzie, a former bride of mine, had her seamstress pack her dress. She took the inner layer of the gown and used it as a protective cover to keep Kenzie’s dress wrinkle-free.

When in doubt, some airlines (like Alaska Airlines) have tutorials on their website. You don’t have to fly with them to access the videos on how to pack a dress in a suitcase or carry-on bag. 

Stop, drop, and roll (don’t fold)

Most of us fold our clothes when packing, but there are a few who roll their items! This is actually a fantastic way of keeping garments wrinkle-free. If you don’t have the ability to use a garment bag and hang it, consider rolling it! This is the same technique I suggest to couples who are packing their wedding dress in a backpack for a hiking elopement.

Keep your wedding gown with you.

Always take essentials with you on your flights. Luggage normally arrives safely, but don’t take a chance with your dress. Keep it with you in the cabin so that you can be 100% sure that it gets to your elopement safely. 

Ask your airline for help. 

Airplanes often have a place to hang wedding dresses. Either check their website ahead of time (ideal) or ask the gate or flight attendants when you’re at the airport (I see all of you last-minute brides!).

The flight attendants for my former bride, Ashland, hung her dress up during the first flight. However, during her second, they didn’t have closet space and had to get a bit creative by laying it on top of bags in the overhead compartments. I’m all for creativity, especially when it comes to keeping your dress safe. 

Bring a steamer. 

Steamers are relatively inexpensive—in the $20-$30 range—and they can be a total lifesaver when it comes to refreshing your gown. Another option is to call your accommodations and see if they have a steamer you can borrow while on site.

***NOTE: I’ve been asked to bring a steamer by many of my couples. Here’s the problem with that: it can take a long time to steam your dress and we don’t have time to do that on your day (unless you want me to spend an hour of your coverage steaming your dress). I recommend steaming your dress the day before your elopement (or even earlier than that).

Whether you have a tulle-filled wedding gown or one with intricate lace detailing, keeping it safe is a priority. I can’t wait to capture your day—and your gorgeous dress—on your adventure elopement!

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