Non-White Elopement Gowns: 8 Incredible Options

Beautiful Options for the Fiancé(e) Who Doesn’t Want to Wear a White Wedding Gown

Yay! You’re getting married, and that means that you get to say, “I do” to the love of your life while wearing a white dress. Wait, what—you aren’t a fan of white? Well, that’s fabulous because although I’m a sucker for a snow-colored gown, I am totally on board with a unique stunner in another color. In fact, I have an equally soft spot for those of you who decide to live your life in technicolor (see what I did there?).

I say, go for it—and, I totally can’t wait to photograph it. Of course, if you need a bit of inspiration and direction, I have a few hues and styles to suggest. Take a peek at a few of my faves as color takes the lead.

Isle of Skye Scotland elopement photographer
My own custom black gown for our Scotland vow renewal by Daci Gowns


A what? I know, I know. It’s opposite from the norm, but I thought I’d start with a shocker before moving to more subtle colors. You’re already bucking the norm by eloping, and black looks incredibly stunning against a natural backdrop.

The Zander by Sottero and Midgley has a tulle overskirt and plunging lace neckline, all of which make quite the statement. If you like the look of long sleeves, this dress has illusion fabric peppered with lace going down to the wrists. 

For a bit more casual, yet equally breathtaking silhouette, the Hayden by Rue de Seine in the color Midnight is perfect. It’s off the shoulder, bell-sleeved top is complemented by a full bottom with a slit that’s perfect for walking in parks. What a beauty!

Want something with a small business origin? Try Flutter Dress Shop’s Etsy shop, with stunning starry night black gowns like these, at a fraction of the budget. Another fantastic option is a celestial look from Flora and Lane called “Starlight”.


Something borrowed, something blue, so the color is perfect, right? The hue also looks fantastic against the lush greens and bright blues found in nature. Take the opportunity to mimic the sky when you’re out in the open. 

If you love more traditional gowns yet still want to add color, the Mae II by Chantel Lauren is gorgeous. Not only is the skirt hand-painted—swoon-worthy, I know!—but it is flowy, which makes for beautiful images. The understated, white top has delicate straps. 

For the boho bride who will accept nothing less, the Aegean in Indigo by Rue de Seine (please sense a pattern here as I thoroughly love this brand!) is high on details. Embroidered flowers, dip-dyed fringe, and a stunning silhouette are what this fantastic dress is all about.

The “Starlight” by Flora and Lane


Shades of blush and pink complement various skin tones while offering a romantic twist on a colored gown. It will also photograph nicely against the natural backdrops of water, forests, and the open sky. 

Honestly, anything by Marchesa is breathtaking, and with an 8k price tag, if I’m buying a pink gown, it better look like this. What a dream! With a full tulle skirt, the highlight of this dress is undoubtedly the 3d flowers, which would move beautifully with the breeze.

Another gorgeous option? This Kyara gown by Rue de Seine.

A bit more affordable—and comfortable as it’s made of jersey—than the gown above is the Ginger Convertible dress. It is available in four colors, such as blue, gray (called fog), and pink. If you aren’t familiar with convertible gowns, they can be worn in various ways, which is perfect for capturing different looks during your elopement.

If you’re looking to support a smaller business, might I suggest


Ok, you caught me! Blooms aren’t technically a color, but flowers can add a variety of tones and textures to your gown. I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some of these gorgeous designs with you. Flowery, flowy, and flirty describes these pieces perfectly. Flora and Lane has several options when it comes to floral gowns!

Although the color comes from the brown tones in the dress itself, the white flowers of the Nahla dress by Rue de Seine (see?) are so striking. The blouson sleeves and swingy skirt allow for such beautifully captured movements. 

To say that floral gowns are on trend is an understatement as they’re featured everywhere now, but don’t go with it just because they are en vogue. Dresses like the Hydrangea by Monique Lhuillier are stunning and easy to move around in during an outdoor elopement.

Other Colors

Yes, there are other tones around, such as red, gray, and even starry gowns, all of which can be beautifully set off by the great outdoors. No matter what you choose, don’t be afraid to go with a nontraditional gown if that’s what you want – this is YOUR day and you deserve to have it represent you in every way. We’ll have fun creating lasting memories no matter what you wear.