What Your Friends and Family REALLY Think About You Eloping

I see it happen all the time. A couple wants to elope, so they Google “What my family really things about you eloping” or something to that effect. Maybe they haven’t reached the “Google” stage yet, but they’re thinking a few things.

I really want to elope but I’m worried about what my friends and family will think.” 

Will my family be mad if I elope?” 

I was always taught that elopements were bad, but I don’t want a traditional wedding.

I hear these all the time… 

What if I told you that the word “elopement” is no longer a word filled with shame? What if I told you that when surveyed, over 60% of people associated the words “adventure” “freedom” & “romance” with the word. (It’s true, I literally surveyed people and these are the top 3 words they voted for, other top contenders included “fun” and “intentional”).

So often when I chat with potential couples who are toying with the idea of eloping I get answers like the ones I mentioned above. So many of them are scared to elope because they believe that they will let down their friends and their family, I’ve even had some terrified that their relationships with others would fall apart simply because they chose to get married in a way that was considered *different*. 

But you know what? That’s not what I’ve experienced in my years as an elopement photographer.

I made an anonymous survey asking how people felt about eloping

When prompted with: Describe what you feel an elopement is in one sentence. Here are just a few of the responses that I received that I think you might find encouraging. And perhaps, just perhaps, it might be that little nudge of permission you were searching for when you Googled “What will my family think if I elope?”….

“Elopement is incredibly special and something that truly belongs to the two of you.” 

– This is something that I can guarantee. When you choose to elope, you are choosing to have a day that belongs to you. A day to cherish, a day to hold in your minds and hearts forever as time you put your relationship first which is the perfect way to start off a marriage.

“An intimate moment with the person you love to signify the rest of your lives.”

– Alone on top of a mountain, having conquered it before the sun has even risen… I can’t think of a more beautiful or meaningful time to share your vows and start a lifetime commitment to your husband or wife.  

“Freedom from the standardization and societal dictation on what lawful commitment means.” 

– Heck to the YES. If you know me you know I’m all about breaking free from the stereotypes that other people shove onto you during your wedding. Even Burger King knows the right answer to this one… “Have it your way.”

“Elopement is making a wedding and a commitment all about you and your relationship, in the most honest, authentic way possible.” 

– Authenticity is something we all seem to be searching for nowadays. It’s a rare gem, and when we do find it, we hold it in high esteem. To me that’s the best compliment someone could ever give, so wouldn’t it just make sense to want that same word to define your wedding day? 

I’m sure you’re thinking “Suuuure Sam… Who did you pay to answer that way? These have to all be old clients. Where are the hundreds of people who told you it was a bad thing?” Well, out of the completely random and anonymous people I surveyed only 4% responded in a negative manner to that prompt. Yeah, you read that right… only 4%. And when the question was asked if they would think negatively if someone eloped, 92% of the people responded they wouldn’t think negatively at all. (And I promise I didn’t pay anyone). 

96% of people are rooting for you.

 Does that change your mind?  

I hope it does.

I’ll be waiting to chat with you so we can talk all about how to make your wedding day something that you’re proud of.