Vintage Meets Epic with this Glacier National Park Elopement

Sometimes a landscape and its colors hit just right, especially when you have the perfect couple to go along with it. And, if you want to get married at Glacier National Park like Lindsey and Kevin, mid-July is the perfect time to catch everything in bloom. In fact, the scene in all its epic glory has abundant wildflowers—think asters, valerian, bear-grass, and Queen Anne’s lace—which make the most fantastic backdrop for an elopement. When the colors of the earth are at their peak, it produces the most beautiful images.

Lindsey and Kevin hail from Erie, PA, and they booked me a year and a half before their big day. Lindsey is a home health nurse (sidebar: her elopement inspired her to elope her life, and she recently started her own organizing business!), and Kevin is a bit more mobile, often working online doing marketing and graphic design. Like their jobs, their personalities are different, with Kevin being more quiet and observational and Lindsey being fun and outgoing. Yin and yang of sorts.

And although outwardly they may seem like opposites, it works so well for them. You can tell from their interaction and images that they blend perfectly. While documenting their private moments, I could almost feel the hum of their connection and the depth of their feelings for each other. Seriously, it was so beautiful to witness. 

Lindsey, Kevin, and their small entourage of parents and friends ventured to Glacier National Park for their big day, which started in a beautiful, rustic cabin between Columbia Falls and Kalispell. Their ceremony was officiated by their friend, Travis, and took place at the foot of Lake McDonald. Afterward, we had lunch in Agar Village at Eddie’s—the slogan is “everyone eats at Eddie’s,” and let me tell you that’s the truth!

Next, we headed up Going-to-the-Sun Road for exploration, private vows, and portraits. It is where we found the gorgeous scenery, which beautifully offset Lindsey’s beautiful fiery hair. The landscape was also reflected in Lindsey’s colorful wildflower bouquet from Mum’s Flowers. We chatted a ton about the plants and the indigenous tale of the paintbrush to highlight the flowers. The story really connected us. I’ve always wanted a paintbrush tattoo, and now I’m even more inspired to do so. 

We explored the area, which was a bit smoky but created the most beautiful lighting for photographs. The combination of the wildflowers and muted mountain blues was incredible. Our time also included hiking up near Logan Pass for private vows and snacking on Extra Toasty Cheez Its (did you know there was such a thing?).

Obsessed with how Lindsey & Kevin’s heirloom album turned out!

Lindsey’s dress got a little dirty along the way, but that’s relatively common with adventure elopements. Honestly, I feel that a bit of grit and dust tells a story and makes the dress a bit more complex in itself. It adds richness and personality, which Lindsey called dress patina (I’m totally stealing that term for the future). 

We ended the evening driving back after sunset. Lindsey and Kevin hadn’t been to the park before, so I played chauffeur and took them around in my Jeep. Honestly, I’m pretty stoked about this one, and I’m excited for them, too. I’m so glad they fell in love with Glacier National Park and even went to Oregon afterward for a bit of R&R. It was another fantastic wedding, made even more lovely with wildflowers and a beautifully connected couple.