Southern Utah Intimate Wedding

Are you ready to elope your life?

Let’s create a day for you that’s wild, bold, and full of fun in a dramatic landscape! @samstarns


The first thing you might ask is, “Why didn’t Ian and Carina get married in someplace like Moab?!”

There are multiple answers to this, but the biggest one is that the exact location of their Southern Utah intimate wedding ceremony is where Ian proposed to Carina! Another reason is that the area we adventured allowed for fewer tourists and photography limitations.

Moab and the surrounding area of BLM and national parks have become increasingly difficult, with over-tourism as well as increased restrictions for photography. The region Carina and Ian chose is beautiful and remote, and perfect for higher clearance vehicles and boondocking.

Why did they choose to elope?

We wanted the day to be one we could enjoy together in each other’s company, with only our immediate family.


Carina and Ian got ready at a nearby pueblo dwelling-inspired resort, and afterward met up with us to mob the desert and explore the rugged back roads in my Toyota 4Runner. They had a private ceremony, followed by a ceremony with their guests, with Ian’s mom officiating.

Following their ceremony, we sent the fam off to their lodgings to set up for dinner while Carina, Ian and I nabbed some more images at sunset. Allowing some alone time after a ceremony with guests is the perfect way to get centered again! Plus, it gives the family something to do (setting up dinner) if you’re having food after your ceremony.

We ended the evening with dinner, a cake (complete with a figurine of their dog taking a bite out of the cake!), and s’mores under a beautiful moonlit sky!