Simple Homer, AK Glacier Elopement

Christine and Jason contacted me a little over a month out from when they wanted to elope in Alaska, and on Labor Day weekend, no less! Regardless of those short-window and holiday challenges (plus Mercury in retrograde!), their simple elopement based in Homer, AK was charming, short and sweet.

Jason is a military helicopter pilot, so he had some qualifications when it came to which helo we’d fly in. Many of the tourist charters use a model that he didn’t prefer, so we went with a company that doesn’t normally take tourists to glaciers – much less ones in wedding attire!

With a quick jaunt around the glacier one of the shortest ceremonies I’ve seen, they sealed the deal and capped it off with blowing up an inflatable duck!

When we arrived back in Homer, we were all hungry, so naturally we had to grab a gourmet hot dog from the local hot dog stand (where the owner makes his own buns).

Already wondering how you can have elopement images in Alaska?

If you’re dreaming of a day like this, full of intention and connection with a splash of “epic” thrown in, reach out, and let’s adventure together…