Sentimental Redwoods and Oregon Coast Elopement

The Oregon Coast pairs so well with the California Redwoods for an elopement, and although many folks choose this option, it’s amazing how each event takes on a life of its own, depending on the couple. Such is the case with Haley and Ryan’s elopement. They’re from Seattle, but the allure and majesty of the redwoods called to them, so they decided to come down the coast for their big day. 

And let me just tell you—this couple is awesome, and I knew that before we even got started. From conspiring with Ryan (more on that in a bit) to seeing sneak peeks of Haley’s amazing dress, I bonded with them well before the big day, which makes me so happy that they live close to me. And that dress of Haley’s? We called it her “unicorn dress” because she couldn’t have had a more perfect dress with its high neck and bell sleeves. The way it moved in the wind, along with her hair and veil, made for gorgeous images!

Their day was divided into two parts as they wanted a bit of time alone while also including family in their elopement. Haley and Ryan took time earlier in the day to say private vows for each other, which is when Ryan decided to conspire with me and my husband, Brian, to surprise his bride. Haley’s mom passed away when she was young, so Ryan had a folding chair ready along with Haley’s mom’s garter and a bouquet. It was so touching—literally, we were all crying—to see a seat saved in honor of Haley’s mom so that she could be there in spirit. To top it off, their vows were sweet and amazing. 

Afterward, they had a small ceremony on the coast with their parents and then grabbed dinner at Oxenfrē Public House. This couple loves hazy IPAs and enjoys joking about Ryan not getting any dinner if he doesn’t make par when he golfs. They’re fantastic, and I was hella honored to get to know them and photograph their absolutely beautiful day filled with special and sentimental moments.