Scottish Elopement on the Oregon Coast

Picture this: the wild Oregon Coast, waves crashing against the rocks, and two lovebirds, Ashira and Clinton, deciding to take the plunge into married life in the most epic way possible. And by epic, we mean a Scottish and Celtic-inspired elopement that would make Outlander jealous. Because why not?

Now, we usually wouldn’t recommend planning a detail-packed elopement in just 3-4 weeks – cue the stress and potential dress disasters. But Ashira and Clinton threw caution to the wind and went full classic elopement mode. The plot twist? They didn’t spill the beans to their fam (who happened to be on the coast for a family trip) until the night before! Talk about dropping a love bomb.

The Details…

So, here’s the lowdown on this not-so-traditional love fest: Mead from Oran Mor? Check. Handfasting ceremony? Double check. Groom rocking one of his many kilts? Triple check. And can we talk about Ashira doing her own hair and makeup? DIY queen alert!

Against the stunning Oregon Coast backdrop, they exchanged vows inspired by their Scottish and Celtic roots. The handfasting added that extra dash of ancient coolness, symbolizing unity like it’s straight out of a historical romance novel. Afterward, they got the opportunity to photograph each other to show how they see one another. Clinton immediately went for it, contorting his body to get the right angle.

We also couldn’t leave the Oregon Coast without recreating a favorite photo tradition of theirs – posing like the famous portrait of Lewis and Clark!

The moral of the story? Love can’t be confined by timelines, and sometimes, the best plans are the ones you make on the fly if you’re dedicated enough to get things done. Here’s to Ashira and Clinton, the masters of spontaneous love and the rulers of the Oregon Coast elopement scene. Cheers! 🥂✨

If you’re dreaming of a day like this, full of intention and connection with a splash of “epic” thrown in, reach out, and let’s adventure together…