I’m Speaking at TEDx Roseburg

Friends! I feature lots of tips and incredible elopements around here—you know that’s my jam. However, every once in a while, I have a personal update, and this one is SO exciting! *blush*

I’ve long been touting the benefits of taking control of your own path and bucking norms. Eloping goes against the thoughts of a traditional wedding, but going out on your own and doing what you want is a fabulous way to start your life together. So, I decided to take my own advice and elope my life!

Let me explain.

I took a chance on myself and applied to be a speaker at an event. Before I get to what exactly it is, let me just say that public speaking is out of my comfort zone. I can scale hillsides and traverse the woods to photograph any couple around, but when it comes to speaking in public—yikes! 

Those of you who know me realize that I’ve dabbled in acting. But if you’ve ever been on stage, you recognize that there is the security of set lines to say and a character to hide behind. Speaking in public, though. That’s all you, baby! There’s no one to pick up if you drop a line. If the audience dislikes you, they dislike YOU—not some character you’re playing. Talk about intimidating! Ooof.

But I am super passionate about elopements and encouraging couples to go for it! Doing something outside of your comfort zone and growing as a person are huge goals for me. Intimidating or not, I decided to do something that goes against my grain.

Back to the application.

What did I have to lose? I figured that if I didn’t get selected, at least I had tried. After paperwork, Zoom auditions, and some—ok, a lot of—nervousness, I was chosen! 

For more info, visit tedxroseburg.com

I’m VERY x-cited (get it?) to announce that I was selected as a TEDxRoseburg speaker to present a TED Talk in 2021. Ah! I can hardly believe it, but I am thrilled that I took a chance—on myself. 

Here’s the takeaway on a bigger scale. If you ever needed proof that you can elope your own life. If you’ve ever needed validation that the concept of taking control and becoming who you were meant to be is valid. This. Is. It. 

There are real people out there—TED people—saying, “Hell, yes! I totally dig this topic. In fact, I dig it so much that I want Sam to speak on it.” For the record, If I can get away with standing on that stage wearing my hiking boots, you bet your sweet booty I’ll do just that! But I can’t wait to encourage folks to break the norms and truly live their lives. 

I’m kind of proud. Of me. Of taking a chance on myself when I knew it wouldn’t be a sure thing. I did something kind of scary, and I didn’t completely have a stroke. 

Now it’s your turn!

What do you want to do that could take yourself out of your comfort zone? What chances are you not taking because you think there will be an automatic “no” answer? Imposter syndrome is real, people! But I want to encourage you to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance. There can never be a “yes” unless you go for it. So—get out there and elope your life! I did, and so can you. 

If you want to hear more (you know you do!) listen to my TED Talk in April. I’d love to have your support as I encourage you and others to live life to the fullest.