Pagan Inspired Oregon Coast Intimate Wedding

Kirby described her ideal Oregon Coast intimate wedding vision to me like this:

“Think Stevie Nicks in the woods.” I’m going to throw in a little Game of Thrones tribute as well.

Kirby had the boots, the details, the homage to pagan and Mother Earth rituals, the fringe shawl, and some EPIC florals to go along with it.

As one friend put it:

“The whole earthy, romantic, intimate setting of your wedding fits perfectly with the image of you I’ve held in my head since high school. Poetic without taking itself too seriously, quietly dramatic.”

And if that isn’t one of the best compliments for a wedding ever, I don’t know what is.

It was an unusually gloomy day at the end of May for their ceremony, but I don’t think it could have been any better. At their AirBnb in Arch Cape, OR, I got to capture Jeff and Kirby getting ready, spend time with their best man and maid of honor (which was half their guest list), and give them a little treat since they are such big fans of Game of Thrones.

We were up near Cannon Beach, but I don’t recommend that specific location to my couples. There are PLENTY of other beaches to choose from that are more amazing and less crowded. Even Hug Point is starting to get a little too well-known in the photography world for my taste (though I still LOVE it and will photograph it any time you ask). Their ceremony was in the late afternoon and there were maybe 3 other people on the beach. How cool is that, having the beach all to yourself? Afterward we took a quick drive to their dinner reservations at Newman’s in Cannon Beach.

Many thanks to Kirby’s kickass vendors! I’ve got all their information at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile, scroll down for some sweet Oregon Coast love.