Oregon Waterfall, Lava Fields, and Crater Lake Elopement

Why not double up and not just have an waterfall elopement OR a Crater Lake elopement and instead have a Central Oregon waterfall AND Crater Lake elopement? That’s what Rachael (“Chap”) and Matt did!

We were really excited to open this next chapter in our lives and to do it differently. The second we decided that this was the right style wedding for us, it felt like a semi truck had been lifted off our chests. Every time we share what we’re doing, we’ve gotten a “that’s so cool!” or “I wish I could do that!” and we feel like we’ve given that permission to our friends to actually do it. We’ve seen a lot of faces light up and some wheels start to turn when we say that is our official game plan.

Chap and Matt knew Oregon was meant for them and they wanted to explore so many different places that it made perfect sense to have their multi-day adventure elopement experience span Central Oregon’s waterfalls and Crater Lake for sunrise the next day.

We started out with their first look and ceremony underneath Tumalo Falls by taking a short hike. Their few guests joked that I was taking them to be murdered in the wilderness, since they’re all from Michigan and weren’t super familiar with the terrain (not the first time I’ve heard that lol).

Their details were super special, including purple flowers to remember Matt’s brother who passed away.

Afterward, we made a quick stop by Spoken Moto Coffee for a warming up drink. Then we headed to the lava fields for some more adventuring and learning about Oregon’s volcanic past (100% recommend!).

Afterward, we headed back to their AirBnb for dinner from Chipotle.

The next morning, we woke up super early to explore Crater Lake at sunrise. Crater Lake is notoriously finicky when it comes to weather, and on our way it was clear, but once we got to the caldera rim drive, a cloud bank was quickly rushing in. It then dissipated before in dipped over the rim into the Crater. Ultimately, we had emotional whiplash from wondering whether the lake would be visible or not! Rachael slept in her pro hair and makeup and looked FLAWLESS the next day (it seriously pays to have a pro do it)!

Check out their multi-day Central Oregon waterfall, lava fields, and Crater Lake elopement below!


Woodland Floral
Edge Hair and Makeup
Too Sweet Cakes
Jenna in White
– Dress Boutique
Kodiak Boots
Men’s Wearhouse