What are the odds that your former first grade teacher would call you up and ask you to photograph her son and his wife? I feel like I should play the lottery, because I got so lucky having an awesome teacher and was able to work with amazing clients a couple weeks ago (obviously they’re awesome if they’re related to my teacher).

Adam and Aimee met me along the North Umpqua River past Glide, Oregon right about sunrise on Black Friday.

I love that we had their session on Black Friday, because it really was living the REI motto of #optoutside. We explored the riverbank and then took a short hike to Deadline Falls along the North Umpqua Trail. Adam and Aimee currently live in Colorado, but Aimee mentioned to me that they miss the greenery that Oregon provides. They coordinated outfits, and I fell in love with Adam’s righteous hat (as anyone would, right?!). Take a look at some of my favorite images!

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2017-12-05_0006.jpgJoin me on the trail, shoot me a message!