Multi-Day Oregon Lava Fields and Coast/Redwoods Elopement

Are you ready to elope your life?

Let’s create a day for you that’s wild, bold, and full of fun in a dramatic landscape! @samstarns

Bailey and Ariel eloped with a few of their close friends and no one else! In fact, no one even knew about their nuptial plans.

When we found Sam, we actually became excited about planning to get married as an adventure day all about us! We aren’t traditional by any means, and this is on brand.


Ariel and Bailey wanted a variety of backdrops, including waterfalls, coastline and Redwoods. When I said they could also add in a lava field in the middle of the Cascades, they were in! We spent time near the Pacific Crest Trail, exploring cascading waterfalls, log balancing, and walking along a short section of the PCT.


Following up their first adventure, we had a travel day where we headed down to one of my regular haunts: Crescent City, CA. So many people think the Redwoods are just around the Bay Area, but arguably the most impressive (and least crowded) are closer to the Oregon/California border.

They got ready outside of Brookings before we headed to Jedediah Smith State Park. We stopped for lunch back in Brookings before heading to one of my favorite coastal locations near Port Orford and Gold Beach where they would have their ceremony.

The marine layer set in enough to give us a magical mist, without blocking all of the sun. A&B said their vows, frolicked in the water, and were even greeted by seals as we watched the sun set beyond the sea.


If you’re wanting a lava field elopement experience, the best time to access the location and not be swarmed by heat or mosquitoes or wildfires is late June, late September or early October! While the road is open typically June-October, July can be hot, and August has heat as well as the potential for wildfires the later in the month you go. I highly recommend this spot for a unique and epic lava field elopement!


Hair and Makeup: Meaghan Whalen of Fleurt Beauty Company

Gown: For The Bride – Fort Myers, FL

Suit: Black Tie Tuxedo – Fort Myers, FL