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In the Live, we cover questions like:

  • What’s one or two questions you always get from couples?
  • What do you wish couples knew about florals and having them incorporated into their day?
  • What’s a typical cost for florals? What can people expect for that price?
  • How can couples think outside the box and make their use of florals unique? How can they make their day unique with florals?
  • Any examples of way florals can be used?
  • What’s one thing you’d love to create with florals/greenery?
  • Do you know how to preserve bouquets? Or the rough idea? How do you do that? Is their another way to make flowers last for longer so you can enjoy them on a more permanent basis?
  • What do you love about elopement couples you design for? What aspects of elopements do you love?

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