Inspiration for an Elopement at the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes, Oregon

When people think of Oregon, many don’t realize how vast and varied the topography is. They think green, trees, and rain. But did you know there are sand dunes and playas and rolling desert hills as well? That’s why I teamed up with some of my favorite people to create a desert inspiration (featuring black gowns, shoulder armor/epaulettes, and more) for an elopement at the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes in Oregon.

The Christmas Valley Sand Dunes are remotely location in south-central Oregon, just outside of the town of Christmas Valley. The dunes are at least 2.5 hours from any decent sized town (like Bend, OR – the closest), but that means they provide isolation and a great place to explore and watch the stars at night.

The Christmas Valley Sand Dunes are a place frequented by dune-buggies and offroaders, but don’t worry. It isn’t nearly as crowded as the dunes on the Oregon Coast. During the shoulder season, you might be lucky to find two other rig/trailer setups parked in the Juniper Dispersed campground.

Nearby, there is also a phenomenon called “Crack in the Ground” – a volcanic fissure that shows evidence of what a different landscape Oregon used to be.


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Check out this inspiration elopement at the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes Oregon below:

Want more info? Click here to check out how to elope at the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes.