Romantic Redwoods Horseback and Oregon Coast Elopement

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Let’s create a day for you that’s wild, bold, and full of fun in a dramatic landscape! @samstarns

Gabe and Lydia came to Oregon and California from DC, where they both are military and serve at the Pentagon and the White House. Together, these two had a 2-day experience that involved spending time with their family on the beach, followed by a more private stroll alone. The next day, we headed to the Redwoods, where their adventure would continue. They chose Jedediah Smith Redwoods because it is one of the oldest growth forests in the country, with the Smith River running through it.

Below is their romantic Redwoods horseback and Oregon Coast elopement.

We wanted to truly make this wedding about what we wanted and limit loved ones’ expectations for the day and the event. This upcoming spring/summer we have a lot of major life transitions going on and we really wanted to make this about us and not the months of logistical planning for our guests that would go into a much larger wedding. We love going on trips (with our doggos) to the outdoors, hiking, skiing, etc. and Lydia picked the Redwoods (and specifically Jedediah Smith State Park) as a great spot to say our vows because it’s one of the 5 oldest growth forests in the country, the redwoods in particular have a very unique underground network of mycelium that strengthens and supports each other. It’s surrounded by this energy that we want to start our life as a married couple.

Day One

Day One was spent on some group portraits and then we were off to adventure along the moody coastline and experience blue hour with lanterns.

Day Two

With their closest friends and fam in tow, they celebrated their love under towering Redwoods, with the help of their officiant friend. Lydia toiled on the ceremony script and I’ve gotta say – the way she incorporated the Redwoods was fantastic. Their officiant spoke of the network of roots and how all the trees are connected and keep each other supported. A “wood-wide web”, if you will ;-).

After their ceremony, Lydia, Gabe and I mounted up with Crescent Trail Rides and took a leisurely horseback ride through the Redwoods. Imagine yourself riding through an old-growth Redwood forest with not another soul around. The ultimate private experience.

Pro Tip for Horseback Riding and Your Ceremony

You can reach your ceremony by horseback if you’re wanting the ultimate privacy!

We couldn’t finish the day without making a trip back to the Oregon Coast. While the sky was overcast, it made for perfect moody images out on the cape (don’t believe me? Check out the last images below!).

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