This Hoh Rainforest adventure engagement session will give you alllll the moody vibes.

I don’t know why people say Forks, WA is a great place for vampires because it’s only rained or been cloudy about a quarter of the time I’ve been there. And one of those sunny and glorious days was when I met up with Diana and Ruben just south of Forks in the Hoh Rainforest for an adventure engagement session.

The Hoh Rainforest is home to the Hall of Mosses, epic sitka spruce trees, and quite the herd of elk (some of which we crossed paths with when we left).

Diana and Ruben are avid climbers and hikers, and they wanted something foresty to complement their rocky coastal elopement vibe that was happening the next day. I’m pretty sure we accomplished that. Take a look!

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