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Elopement is not a rushed ending to your love story.

With Elope Your Life, Starns not only provides insight as an industry insider on the benefits of elopement, but how going against societal norms and standards can change the meaning of the phrase to a less traditional lifestyle. This mindset allows you to discover more about yourself and your relationship and opens you up to endless possibilities. By bringing out the unique qualities of someone who craves elopement and seeks adventure, you will then learn how to utilize these traits once you say “I do,” and every day after. Providing actionable steps to elopement from telling your family and friends, to finding a scenic and meaningful location, you’ll celebrate your love while being your most authentic self. It’s time to take the leap. It’s time to Elope Your Life.

It’s the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life. Sam Starns knows this first hand. After regretting her own lavish wedding ceremony and reception, she decided to dedicate her photography business to engaged couples who take the leap and embark on the brave and bold decision to elope.


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Is your career dragging you down and you want a change? Are you a woman who is scared to go into a male-dominated STEM field?

Do you want to try doing something solo, like learning to dance, or simply taking yourself out on a date?

What can start with an enchanting day filled with the things and adventures you love and can turn into a life-changing movement that will leave you empowered to take hold of your life, live it to the fullest, and become who you were meant to be. Elope Your Life. ™️

What is Elope Your Life?

It is the act and movement of taking that empowered, individual, and inspired feeling on your intimate wedding/elopement day, and using that as a catalyst to affect change in every aspect of your life. The fact is, that feeling of freedom and empowerment shouldn’t stop on your wedding day. Think about those things you’ve always wanted to try/do…


Raise Your Voice

"Elope your life is such a great concept! I’m trying to push myself to do things that I’m afraid of too. I was asked to be a guest speaker at a pharmacy conference in June. I’ll be speaking in front of 300 people and I am so freaked out! But also super excited. Thank you for being you! So glad I found you."


Change Your Career

"I’m on the #elopeyourlife train and have been really unhappy with my job and wanting more time to help with the business I own with my husband. I took the leap and started looking for part time jobs to make the work life I wanted a reality, and guess what?! I made it happen!

Elope your life is such a great concept that is changing lives!

Accomplish Your Bucket List


"I'm taking charge of my life and finally putting myself first and checking off bucket list items! I would have never had the courage to manifest some of the harder things, but I know that any challenges or obstacles are worth overcoming! #ElopeYourLife!!"

The perfect gift for yourself, a friend, or your elopement clients

Empower yourself to have the wedding and life you want, share with that friend who you feel is yearning for adventure, or give as a thoughtful gift to your clients that will make YOU the hero in their eyes.

Buying in quantity for your clients? Send an email to info@samstarns.com for special pricing.

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Redwoods elopement, adventure elopement photographer

Sam Starns is an elopement expert and movement leader in adventure elopement photography. After regretting her own wedding, she began her mission to empower individuals to become unapologetically themselves by creating a wedding day and life that they can be uniquely proud of.

With nearly a decade of wedding experience, Starns has traveled to numerous states and countries for elopements to jumpstart the transformation for real change to encourage anyone to become their authentic self.

With a passion for protecting our public lands and love for the outdoors, Starns donates a percentage of services including photography packages and book sales to a nonprofit dedicated to helping preserve public lands.

Sam Starns’ debut book, Elope Your Life is available for pre-order on Amazon and is set to release Fall 2020.

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