Clover and Redwoods Elopement Ceremony

Katie and Cormac had an intimate ceremony at home back on the East Coast, but knew they needed a separate adventure to commemorate their love. They’ve been drawn to the fantasy essence of the California Coastal Redwoods. So they rung me up and we set out to adventure in a place that’s magic drew these two.

They said, “Sam, we’re looking for magic, we trust you.”

So with their trust, I suggested a few places that aren’t as popular, but one place that is the definition of forest magic.

After getting ready, we stopped by a favorite spot of mine for a canopy walk among the Coastal Redwoods, then headed south to walk among a carpet of wood sorrel that looked velvety soft.

Be sure to Stay on trail!

It’s absolutely crucial to stay on trail and obey Leave No Trace principles, particularly for places like this. Redwood roots are fragile and shallow, so going off trail and you could be damaging the trees. On top of that – if people went off trail regularly, this wood sorrel forest floor simply would. not. exist.

NOTE: The tree this couple is standing on is one of the ONLY situations that I have seen where you have to walk across a tree to stay on the trail. Please stay off downed Redwoods (even if they’re next to the trail), since they are a home for many small creatures and play an important role in the forest!


Hair and Makeup – Black Fern Beauty
Dress: Enzoani
Suit: Tessuto

Already wondering how you can have elopement images in the Redwoods like K&C?
Give me Redwoods Guide a read, then reach out!

If you’re dreaming of a day like this, full of intention and connection with a splash of “epic” thrown in, reach out, and let’s adventure together…