Retro Cape Flattery Washington Elopement

“In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named…..” okay, I couldn’t resist. But for real, this Cape Flattery Washington elopement will blow you away.

And really, when Eloise, Todd, and I were at Cape Flattery for their elopement, it wasn’t even cloudy! Their two witnesses even needed to hold Eloise’s AWESOME cape for a while because it just wasn’t that cold out. Weird for November in Washington! We were so close to Canada and Vancouver Island that phones frequently try to connect to Canadian cell service.

A little bit about Eloise and Todd – they met while Todd was waiting tables in college. As Eloise puts it, it essentially was the same as TSwift’s song, “Mine”. Love me some Swift beats! Their proposal happened in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Don’t mind me green with envy over here.

I can’t forget the details, because Eloise decided to switch out her Hunter boots for Jimmy Choo’s for a few photos! Also, look at that long dog muggin’ it for the camera!!

We walked on down to the cape from the parking lot. I scouted earlier that day and we chose a spot together that was absolutely perfect. Check it out:

On my drive from Cape Flattery, I witnessed two bald eagles flying overhead. I hope that means I’ll be back soon.