Rachel and Rachel. Double the Rachel, double the fun. And I’m quoting Rachel (one of them, anyway) on that! Rachel and, well, Rachel, met Brian and I at the Alvord Desert in remote Oregon. Exactly 15 minutes from Fields, OR and 3.5 hours from anywhere else.

It’s crazy out in the Alvord Desert when it comes to photographing a couples adventure session. There isn’t much out there to work with, so it’s important to bring a car, incorporate some fun driving, and a good soak in the Alvord Hot Springs into your adventure session.

We let our dogs, Olly and Leo run around while photographing, which was perfect for “The Rachels”, because they both love dogs and one of them owns two dog service businesses (how kickass, am I right?). We talked about dogs, living in Oregon, life, love, and Rachel’s ring that is considered the other Rachel’s gift of “I promise to not strangle you in your sleep when I’m mad at you.” And I really can’t think of anything more goofy and romantic.

After our time adventuring on the playa, we went for a soak in the hot springs and ran into some other creatives filming and photographing for Stay Wild Magazine and REI. We all walked away with some new friends and the next time I’m traveling through Eugene, I plan to stop by Doggie Doos and Don’ts Pet Services as well as The Laundromutt (how AWESOME are those names?).