A Mountain and Forest Adventure in Olympic National Park

Hey there, adventure-lovers! Today, we’re diving into the incredible elopement shoot of Erin and Josh in Olympic National Park. This couple’s celebration was nothing short of stunning, as they explored the park’s diverse landscapes.

Getting High on Love at Hurricane Ridge

Erin and Josh began their day at Hurricane Ridge, with mind-blowing mountain views as their backdrop. Erin looked radiant in a simple white dress, and Josh was the perfect complement in his dapper suit. With close family as witnesses, they exchanged heartfelt vows, and the photos against the mountainous scenery were absolutely breathtaking.

Brunch at a Cozy BnB

For brunch, they relaxed at a charming bed and breakfast, savoring local pastries and coffee. It was an intimate moment with their closest family.

Exploring the Forest

After their mountain adventure, Erin and Josh ventured into the forest, exploring lush trails and serene lakes. The forest’s greenery provided a stunning backdrop for more intimate shots.

Erin’s DIY Beauty

Erin’s DIY hair and makeup added a personal touch to her natural beauty.

If you’re dreaming of a day like this, full of intention and connection with a splash of “epic” thrown in, reach out, and let’s adventure together…