Maybe the title of this blog is something that you really don’t want to hear as a bride when thinking about a photographer, but let me tell you why it’s actually the best thing you could hear.

You are not hiring a photographer, you’re hiring someone who captures moments you will never get back and that you won’t remember at the end of the day because you were having too much fun partying with your guests.

You are hiring someone who helps you tape your dress into place when you realize it might just be slightly too low cut in the back and it starts slipping off your shoulders.

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You are hiring someone who is going to hold your hand as you wait nervously for your future husband to get into place during your first look, and someone who will hand you a tissue when you start crying as he reads you a love letter (I’ve got them in my apron, along with bobby pins, breath mints, hairspray and more).

You are hiring someone who helps move boxes and haul floral arrangements when the weather suddenly changes and your outdoor wedding becomes an indoor soirée.

You are hiring someone who is going to yell at your Aunt Carol when she’s complaining that the veil you picked is tacky and when she got married in the 80’s her wedding was so much better. Shut the hell up Carol, no one wanted you invited in the first place.

You are hiring someone who will encourage the guests to get out on the dance floor and start cutting a rug, even if that means handing them an extra glass of champagne or suggesting some sure-fire party starters to the DJ. (Jump Around always gets people out on the floor.)

You are hiring someone who preps your wedding day timeline and sometimes becomes the day-of coordinator that you tried to fit into your budget but because your mother-in-law insisted on giving everyone a box of Jordan almonds you couldn’t afford.

You’re hiring someone to run interference when your Cousin Will has one too many cold ones and starts hitting on your maid of honor. (Believe me it’s happened.)

In short, you’re hiring me. Sam. And you won’t regret it at all.

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