Winter Redwoods and Oregon Coast Elopement with Ocean run

Hannah and Matt eloped in the amazing Redwoods and the Oregon Coast. In attendance, they brought along their immediate family members (roughly fourteen guests). They come from Florida, where Hannah is a nurse and Matt works in management. They have an adorable pup named Moose, but could not bring him along on their journey, unfortunately. Most places in the California Redwoods don’t allow dogs, so baby Moose stayed home. 

The day started off in the spectacular Redwoods. Hannah had on these retro 70’s inspired boots – super cute! They exchanged private vows in the Redwoods and officially got married on the Oregon Coast later that same day. During this awesome day, we stopped at Fat Cat Pizza for some lunchtime goodies. It was unseasonably warm for November, overcast but comfortable. The beginning of November is the last little stretch of good weather for the Oregon Coast, after that it becomes pretty rainy. That’s why I advise my couples to keep their dates between May and October, which is usually a good plan.

We got takeout (because the pandemic was in full swing), and took it down to the harbor, and we ate at a picnic table overlooking the harbor. We talked about the beautiful boats and seagulls and all the natural beauty of the area. Then we headed north toward Gold Beach to a few locations that I share with my couples. We had some private time for some portraits before their family showed up, and their family is a freakin’ hoot! 

I give my couples a walkie-talkie if we are going to be a distance away from each other and I need to communicate with them. My rules of the road with this is you always gotta have names, (like CB names). Mine is a bald eagle. Why? I always see bald eagles, so I felt that was fitting. I allow my couples to come up with their own names, otherwise, I come up with names for them. I was laughing because they are from Florida and it’s always hot down there, so I said swamp-ass needs to be one of their names. Then Hannah chimes in and says their name could also be gator. So we settled on swamp-ass and gator. When their family got there I radioed them saying, “Hey, this is bald eagle calling swamp ass and gator, come in”. Their family started laughing, so then they started using the code names. It was hilarious! The families brought travel-sized to-go liquor for them to do shots, and they did a celebratory shot before the ceremony which was amazing. During the ceremony, they took another shot with their guests! Hannah’s brother officiated. I don’t mean to get down on friends of the family who are officiants, it’s just that oftentimes they are not as prepared as they could be. They aren’t always given all the tools to put on a great ceremony. But Hannah’s brother was fantastic! His ceremony was funny, unique and charming! We need to all take a page from his book.

Afterward, the family took off to meet us at the next location, but we stayed around to get some drone photos and explored a little bit more on the cape. Hannah and Matt had this goal for the end of the day to celebrate with their family uniquely. They did this by having everyone run into the ocean (in their wedding clothes)!

This is the type of elopement I love, and I really enjoy connecting with my couples as humans. I was able to stretch myself a little creatively as well. They are such an adorable couple and now two complex families are combined and I am just so happy for them.

I was honored to photograph Hannah and Matt’s elopement day, complete with a run into the Pacific Ocean. I could not wish them more happiness and joyful adventures.