I recently talked about this topic in one my Instagram captions, experiences over things. It’s a trend that has been in an upswing with infamous “Millennials” (those trouble makers…)

More and more people are turning to pay money to experience new and exciting things with the people they love instead of cluttering their homes, apartments, and lives with more stuff. With how much stuff that I can guarantee that fills your basement or garage, wouldn’t you much rather have the memories of an afternoon roaming the Redwoods with your loved one and the images to cherish forever? I promise it’s 100% better than one of those foot massagers that actually tickle your feet more than they rub them. It’s why I’m a fan of the movement of experiences over things (#experiencesoverthings y’all).

So what can you expect in an S Photography experience?

Not only will you get some kickass photos… (maybe I’m biased) but you’ll get an in depth tour of whatever amazing place we go, I’m kind of a nature nut and know a lot about not just local national parks but also national parks all around the United States. *cough cough* I travel you guys! *cough*

You get someone who’s going to join you for a beer after the photo shoot as we hang out and you tell me all about your life, friends, and family. And if you twist my arm, yes I’ll let you split my order of fries too.

You’ll get a new friend, I always like new friends. Someone who will help you hunt down that perfect ceremony location for your elopement, you know the one, where the sun hits the mountains just right, or it filters through the trees in a magical way.

You’ll laugh so hard during your S Photography experience that your abs will hurt. Who knows, maybe we will all have six-packs by the end of the day. (Maybe I should add personal trainer to my list of things I offer?)

And of course, you will receive the support from a photographer who is in your corner. Someone who is going to root for you, and encourage you with all your crazy ideas. Want me to hike to a cliff far away just to get a shot that you had in mind? That’s why I wear comfortable shoes (for real, Keens are life). Want to throw tradition out the door and throw the perfect intimate wedding that every one of your guests will remember for years to come? I’ll bring the llamas and doughnuts. (Please, if you are going to have llamas at your wedding… hire me.)

So before you head to the mall to look for a gift for your friend, mother, significant  other, pause and think, “Hey, who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon on an adventure?” Then, give me a call.

I can’t wait to share some incredible experiences with you.