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I get it, it can be DIFFICULT to say you want to elope when society (and friends and fam) are telling you that's "not how it's done". Believe me, I've been where you are.

But let me tell you, thousands of couples have made the BRAVE choice to elope (and elope their lives) by running to an experience that speaks to them. What do you feel you deserve for your wedding experience? I can tell you it's a helluva lot more than just some cookie cutter day based off of what EVERYONE else is doing.

Everyone's got an Aunt Carol*

You know, the one friend or relative who insists on being invited, or makes a fuss about whatever you decided on for your wedding day.

This is just to remind you: Aunt Carol isn’t the one getting married.

What if instead of having an Aunt Carol, you replaced her with someone who CELEBRATES your choices, builds a relationship with you and your partner in order to create a stellar looking and feeling elopement experience, and is fun to be around, to boot? In the words of Adele, "Hello, it's me".

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk 😉

*Names changed to protect the bitchy

Traveled by dog sled

Went on a horseback ride

Went on a helicopter ride

Hiked to catch sunrise

Rode in a hot air balloon

Sea kayaked


Rock climbed

Went stargazing

Let's Brainstorm!

Bow tie tie-er

Hype gal


Location guru

Vendor hub

Long distance BFF

Boutonniere expert

Dress bustler


Deidra & Juan

Kauai, Hawaii

California Redwoods

Nicolette & Bret


...We loved that Sam was able to marry us, because we felt like we knew her really well and didn't like that idea of having an officiant who we weren't as close with.

We weren't expecting that our photographer would be this involved and care enough to build a relationship with us, but Sam’s whole process was fantastic and helped build connection between all of us.


10 10


get your COPY

(Okay, nearly everything 😉 )


Personal Client Portal

Your own personal, customized, and password-protected client portal with access to resources, invoices, our emails, and more!

Vendor Hub

You'll get a customized list of vendors that are handpicked especially for your location and needs. That way you can take one less stressful thing (finding and vetting vendors!) off your to-do list.

Your own park ranger guide

Okay, I'm not a park ranger anymore, but I used to be! I'll be sharing info about the local surroundings based on my geological sciences education and my time as a park ranger and naturalist on a whale watching vessel. It's a great way to experience the area on a whole other level. Have any knowledge to share yourself?! I'm all ears!

Location Matching

Want mountains but ALSO water? Prefer the arid desert? Know a general location but not specific spots to explore? Need help with PERMITS? I've got you covered. We dive into what you're wanting out of a backdrop and I'll send over a complete list of locations that are gorgeous and off the beaten path away from crowds.

Hi-Res Images

All collections come with hi-res images for you to download, print, and share for personal use! If you're wanting high quality heirloom prints from a professional lab, your gallery has a store option.

Travel Included

Yup! Don't worry about my travel, the collection you choose includes things like my airfare, lodging, and rental car to anywhere I can get with 2WD. That way if you switch up your ceremony location by several miles at the last minute, it's all covered!


The only thing that wouldn't be covered would be if you want to do something extra, like a helicopter ride or dogsled or offroading and I need a seat/vehicle!

Day-of Timeline

You'll receive a timeline questionnaire in your client portal that covers important details like a first look, getting ready coverage, locations you've officially decided are “must-see”s and more.

From there, I'll craft the perfect timeline that's structured, but still leaves room for spontaneity and adventure!

A copy of "Elope Your Life"

On top of my elopement guide that all my couples get, you'll receive my even more extensive book, with inspiration, information, even more resources, and real stories from couples who decided to do something different.

Because you deserve the best from beginning to end

On top of feeling like the empowered badass you are, and getting connected to each other on an even deeper level, there are some staples that come with every "Elope Your Life" experience with us!

Each experience is tailored to you, with a basis of connection, communication, vulnerability, and empowerment. That's why it's crucial that we're a great fit; it's what's gonna make this experience epic and your images pop. Get ready to have your best adventure yet.

Start Your Elopement Journey

Steens Mountians Elopement, Desert

"Sam cares SO deeply about every couple she meets. From the first conversation we had, the first thing she did was get to know us as people and what we wanted, past the epic images."


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From Glacier National Park to the Scottish Highlands, to the tropical islands of Hawaii, your dream is possible.

Your marriage isn't just one day. It's meant to be a permanent commitment to someone who sparks joy in your life (sorry Marie Kondo).
Just a few hours of coverage doesn't do your love and marriage justice. I tell people that your ceremony isn't just the part where you say vows. With an elopement or intimate wedding, the entire day ends up being this ceremony of connection, fun, and adventure. The paperwork is all just secondary.

Take a hot air balloon ride. Get matching tattoos. Go on a cruise. Swim with dolphins. Do whatever speaks to your heart the most. My couples are known for including at least one thing that is unique to them, whether it's hiking a mountain or doing a fun activity.

Why should I consider full or multi-day coverage of my adventure elopement?


Albums, You Say?

I provide handcrafted albums as a permanent reminder of the day a whole other adventure started for you two. These bad boys are crafted in Europe by the finest elves around (seriously, they work magic) and are a timeless, high end heirloom that chronicles your best day ever.


Eloping can be a Transformation

Put aside all the trendy florals, dresses

Whoa, big words, I know. But I mean it. Eloping is about the transformation that you can have that is the catalyst for real change in the rest of your life. Think about all the defining moments you've faced. Often, the most defining moments in our lives, those ones that change us, and shape us, and make us into the person we are meant to be, come from doing things and experiencing things outside of our comfort zones.

Does something call to you? Does it also go against societal expectations? Or scare you? Or make you feel anxious about whether you'll fail or fly? Those are the exact things you should pursue. The most rewarding, and sometimes wonderful, things in life happen when you step outside your comfort zone. Be

brave. Dare to elope. Ignite a spark that will cascade into other areas of your life. Create a life that is unapologetically yours.

and yes, even photos, and you have what an elopement really is...


Holy crap, let's talk!

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