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About Me

Favorite TV SHOW

Dog or Cat Person

I'm really more of an animal person

Doctor Who!

dream destination


hiking, paddleboarding, horseback riding, snorkeling

Scotland, ireland, morocco

beer or wine?

Fav past job?

dark beer or mid/sweet white wine

blm park ranger

What's Up?!

I'm here to help you DREAM, and then make those dreams COME TRUE. I want you to see yourselves for the amazing people you are, and then translate that into a spectacular day that no one can replicate.*

I'm Sam.

Rachel and I might be consummate elopement professionals, but we're far from formal. When you work with me, you're working with a friend. One who signs an email "xo", not "Regards", and one who considers you not just clients or a couple, but MY people. When we're out hiking, there are just as likely to be funny (or lame) jokes/puns as there are epic sunsets, wildlife, and spectacular memories.

Yes, there might be poop jokes. Yes we'll be laughing at inappropriate things. Yes I will likely have a Diet Coke in my car fueling me on the big day (just let me know if you want one too, so I can grab you one!).

I believe elopement experiences come down to relationships. Not just between you two, but between all of us. It allows for connection, comfortability, exploration, and ultimately a kickass adventure.

*I mean, I can't guarantee they won't be so inspired that they'll try 😎

Why I wish I Eloped

I didn’t incorporate things like music, equestrian, outdoors, laughter, and adventure – those things that I love – into my wedding, and I wish I had.

My dream elopement?

Horseback riding across the Scottish Highlands, drinking and singing songs in a pub, and exploring mountains and forests!

What's your dream?

feel empowered to Choose your own adventure

some MORE fun facts

These are our fur children

Leo, Olly & Annie

Why I Wish I Eloped

Brian and I are adventurous people by nature. We love to camp, check out national parks, and travel to new places. Our wedding was a 100 person affair because I felt like that’s what needed to happen – even if I made it known I would love to elope.

In addition, Brian partially convinced me we needed to have a “real wedding”, otherwise I’d never hear the end of it from his family. About a month before the wedding, after being steamrolled by family members, shafted by wedding party attendants, and stressed out beyond all belief, my husband asked me, “Is it too late to elope?”. I said yes, but looking back, I wish I had said no and thrown our nonrefundable retainers down the drain and got married on our pre-planned vacation to Maui at the top of Haleakala.

Brian and I love the theatre, but the idea of being in front of everyone wasn’t appealing in the slightest. I also dreamed of the whimsy and adventure an elopement brings.

A dress, a great view, a photographer, activities Brian and I could enjoy and connect with, and the love of my life – that was what should have happened.

I wish I had said no and thrown our nonrefundable retainers down the drain




What's up?! I'm Rachel (call me Rach). I'm passionate about travel, advocating for kids with special needs and reading novels (esp anything Austen or LeGuin). I'm a big believer in living and loving authentically, and I had my own adventurous elopement (in Belize). I am excited to serve as a guide and photographer on a couples' most magical day.

Whether you work with me or Sam, your images and experience will be in line with the same style, composition and edits.





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