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April 9, 2018

My 6 Favorite Elopement Locations

If you read my recent post about elopements and decided “Hey! I think that an elopement is the right choice for us!” You’re in the right place.

There are many pluses to hiring me as your photographer, the willingness to do a taco bell run on your wedding day, knowing how to combat your hands-y cousin… But one that is incredibly valuable that I haven’t mentioned before is my knowledge on the best places to elope. Not only have I been to all of these areas, I can provide you with help figuring out which permits you may need for each park, I can show you the most gorgeous locations within each preserve, and even keep you informed on the likelihood of bad weather.

So without further ado, here are my top 6 locations to elope within the United States.

S Photography Geometric Elopement Oregon Coast

1. Oregon Coast

– Maybe you’ve dreamt of a beach wedding, but not one where you have a lei around your neck. The Oregon Coast is the place for you. I have some of my favorite memories here, and I know it would be the perfect place to make the memories of your elopement. There are dozens of incredible places up and down the coast. If you want more information or to see some photos from previous sessions take a peek here and here for all the Oregon Coast goodness.


2. Redwoods

– While you may be thinking, “Yeah sure… I’m going to take a photographer I’ve never met with me into the woods…” Well yeah. Disappear into the trees that challenge the tallest of skyscrapers and make you feel as though you’re in a forest that belongs in Narnia, or head towards the coast to get your fill of the ocean, sand in your toes and salt in your hair. The Redwoods truly are the best of both worlds. (Please excuse me as I now try to get the Hannah Montana song out of my head.)


3. Alabama Hills – Lone Pine, CA

– Home of the set of some seriously famous Westerns and the lesser famous Kevin Bacon movie, “Tremors” (my favorite Kevin Bacon movie, if we’re being honest), Lone Pine has a few arches like in Arches National Park, that perfectly frame peaks like Lone Pine Peak and Mt. Whitney. It’s an easy drive to the Alabama Hills and the residual boulders make for a super cool backdrop (just take a look at this Google image). I can show you all the best spots for a desert elopement, and let you in on the best Chinese food in town.

4. Glacier National Park

– This place is what dreams are made of. (Okay I promise I’m done with the Disney Channel music references. Maybe.) You’ve got waterfalls, glaciers, trees, mountains, and lakes… Whatever background you could ever want, this place has it. You get to feel like you’ve stepped foot into a Bob Ross painting. What could be better than that? I think Glacier is one of the BEST places for an elopement because you have so many different locations to pick from!

5. Kauai, Hawaii

– It’s called the Garden Isle for a reason. Lush forest lands, amazing rugged ocean backdrops, and Waimea Canyon with its red soil all lend themselves to the perfect vista for your elopement. I can fill you in on the best places to stay on the island, where to grab some good food (“ono grinds” in Pidgin), and share all the best locations that aren’t necessarily listed in your travel guide.

6. Shasta, CA

– No one ever really thinks to elope on the side of Mt. Shasta. Perhaps it’s because there’s other more well known national parks that are just a short ways away… Or maybe it’s because there are some conspiracy theories about the mountain itself. But toss all those things aside because it truly is a gorgeous place to elope. The snow on Mt. Shasha, juxtaposed against all the rocks, trees, and till (a fancy geology term)… Breathtaking.

I have personally visited all of these amazing places, and it truly is a crime if you go your entire life without seeing them. So why not go all out and escape to the mountains and elope with the love of your life to one of these locations? I’ll be there waiting camera in hand. (In a totally non-creepy way). Trying to decide if I’m the photographer you need to hire to capture your big day? Well along with the aforementioned Taco Bell runs, I have a post here and here that might just encourage you to toss on some hiking boots with your wedding dress and meet me in the mountains.

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What past couples have to say

As soon as I spoke to Sam on the phone we connected and I knew there was no one else I would rather have in my corner to pull off the magical adventurous wedding I had in mind! Sam was super communicative, crazy knowledgeable, and just so much fun to work with!

Do yourself a solid and cancel your wedding, hire Sam as your adventure elopement photographer, and run away and marry your sweetie like you really want to!

Our day went by in a blur and we were glad to have Sam capture all the memories we may have missed or forgotten. She made things super easy so we were able to focus on what was more important, which was experiencing the day together and enjoying ourselves. Sam was also quick to empower us to do whatever we wanted - whether that was going to a diner in our wedding attire, or getting matching wedding band tattoos! Our day was everything we could have wanted and we felt like Sam was just a friend that was helping guide us through it.

When anyone asks me how our Kauai elopement was, my words are 'it was perfect' and it truly felt perfect! We combined in that day what we truly love to do. And having Sam there was amazing; the fact that she was so accommodating, willing to do whatever (props for being a great rider), taking awesome photos and on top of that, marrying us in a very personal ceremony with that beautiful scenery.

We truly couldn't ask for a better day, and now having these amazing photos, it makes me want to go back to Hawaii.

Kendal & Mike, Glacier National Park

Martyka & Steve, Oregon Coast

Deidra & Juan Pablo, Kauai