1. Oregon has a variety of landscapes to choose from.

Whether you’re wanting the Oregon Coast, or somewhere mountainous like the Cascades or Crater Lake, or you want someplace super desert-y, like the Painted Hills or Alvord Desert, it’s alllll in Oregon.

2. Everything’s easy to access.

You’ve got great wineries in the Willamette Valley, and can’t go more than an hour either north or south on the I-5 corridor without hitting a main highway to the Coast or Central Oregon. An hour to the east will have you in snow, mountains, and vast lava fields with towering peaks in the background.

3. Oregon’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. Enough said.

How romantic would that be to spend your wedding adventure in a state whose birthday is the day of love? Forget what you think about the greeting card industry, that’s romantic.

4. You can see California Coastal Redwoods and the rocky coastline of Oregon within half an hour of each other.

One moment you can be standing at the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and less than an hour later you can be standing among towering Coastal Redwoods on the Lost Coast of California. I have so many couples choose this area of Oregon so they can experience multiple backdrops in a day.

5. Got dogs? Lots of places are dog friendly