Hawaii & USVI Collections

Thank You!

It truly is an honor to be considered to capture one of the most special days of your life. Not only am I trusted with your images, it allows me to get to know you on a level that most other photographers don’t.

I don’t take on 50 weddings a year like some more “Insta-famous” photographers, because when you have 50 weddings/elopements a year, it leaves little time for you to be more than just “One in 50”. With me, you’re so much more than that.

The following collections are good for locations in any island of Hawaii, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

“You can obviously see from her portfolio that her photos are incredible keepsakes, but what I wasn’t expecting was what a sweet and fun experience she crafted for us with the combination of her effervescent personality and wilderness guile!”

-Kendal & Mike


Shoot me an email or text! From there I’ll send you an agreement and invoice (couples can choose 2, 4, 5, or monthly payments, as low as around $260/month – which most photographers don’t offer) and we’ll get you set up with everything you need for your kickass day.


Of course! In my recap email, I’ll send a link to one or more full galleries. That way you are able to see the full spectrum of a typical day. The stuff you see on social media is not reflective of any photographer’s full body of work.

Most of my couples say this. I use a combination of posing and prompting to get you interacting, playing, and having fun. Oftentimes, it already feels like we know each other before photographing even starts. It’s why CONNECTION between the two of you (as well as myself) is so important!

It all depends on how many hours you have for coverage but the best answer I can give you doesn’t have a number: your gallery will have enough images so it can effectively tell your unique story. A good estimate is 200-300 minimum fully edited images for a full day elopement. From there, it’s on more of a sliding scale, since many traditional wedding images are of the reception or family portraits.

Waiting sucks. I know. Within a week, you’ll receive some sneak peek images to share and use for elopement announcements. I always work to get you your gallery ASAP, but a full gallery of hi-res images can be expected to be delivered in 5-7 weeks. We’ll then set up a time to video chat and explore the gallery (and catch up!).

For sure! Via your online gallery, you’re able to order through my professional lab (your friends and fam can too!). They have amazing heirloom products on top of your typical prints, like canvas wall art, calendars, and more.

Good question! I know the permits you need, the marriage license details, and have top vendor recommendations I can refer to you. All you have to do is make a quick call and tell the vendor what you’d like. I’ll send you all the permitting info you’ll need so all you have to do is fill it out and send it in. You will still be responsible for permitting fees, etc., which is pretty typical for adventure elopement photographers.

While you’ll have personal printing and sharing rights, I’ll retain the copyright to the images themselves. This is standard with 99% of photographers, since copyright really means “I took the photo”.

Booked couples get a full range of location planning, including 360 degree views, pros and cons of specific spots, hiking stats, and more.

Some dates are reserved for personal adventures, but most of my schedule revolves around couples and when their elopements are. So in reality, the sooner you book, the more likely your date is available! While reduced travel fees make collections more attractive (due to the fact I’m already there and booked by someone else), relying on someone else booking me for your desired location first has rarely proven to be successful. Bonus: being a location trailblazer means you’ll be inspiring others with your own unique images!

Nope! If you’re wanting someone to just pronounce you married and sign the paperwork after you read personal vows/letters, I’m your gal. NOTE: This is limited to elopement couples with no more than 2 guests. Though I HIGHLY suggest hiring an officiant who can bring magic into your ceremony.

Based on the location of your elopement, any collections I send you will have my travel included, unless it’s a unique situation. You will still be responsible for your own travel and permitting (though I almost always send over Airbnb suggestions and/or hotel recs).

The way the collections are bundled, each collection is priced less than all the collection items added up separately. Because of this, you can’t remove items from collections, but you can always add to them.

So glad you asked. The biggest way is to keep in touch! I can help answer questions, stay updated with your lives, and get to know you better. I try to do my own checking in via text and social media, etc., but it only works if you’re as invested in this relationship as I am. Trust me, I love hearing from you in pretty much any form! Whether it’s wedding related or you just feel the need to send a funny meme. FYI, if you haven’t already gathered, I’m a pretty casual gal.